Sunday, July 13, 2014

Life At Home

Hi all! Does anyone still have time to read blogs? I feel awful that my blog and Facebook page have become covered in cobwebs. There is something about baby #3 that just tilts your life completely. It's wonderful though, our days are full of fun and a few tantrums. But I wouldn't change it. However, between my now running third baby and starting homeschool, there is little time to sit, let alone blog. I honestly don't know how often I will return to post. I hope that in a few months we will move to a new phase and I will have time.

I do post to Instagram daily, sometimes too much.. If you would like to keep in touch there, I would love to know what all of you are doing.

I hope to return soon with ideas and pictures to share.. Until then enjoy your summer!


Friday, May 9, 2014

Make your own Camera Strap! | ADORNit Video

Still need a Mother's Day gift? Come check out my camera strap tutorial video that I created with AdornIt! Super easy and a great gift for all mothers!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Where Did You Go?

I never intended to take a break from blogging. Just caught up in the fun and mischief of my three ring circus at home. One day I looked up and it had been a couple months. My apologies!

In that time I've been working on projects for two books - none of which I can show right now.. boohiss! And I've been writing articles for Sew Somerset and Somerset Home - none of which I can show right now. I know, right?! But soon..

I did a guest video spot on AdornIt - a super cute, inexpensive and fun camera strap. The video should be up soon and I can't wait to share it with you. A fabulous gift for Mother's Day!

And I've been cutting paper..

Photo: Ok, I lied. Here's another in process shot - hoping name is not discernible. And I think I'm going to float this is in some soldered glass! #papercutting #atbpapercraft

Photo: Calling it done - will adhere pieces and mount tomorrow.. Will probably be listing in shop later this week for $45 for anyone that is interested.. #snowwhite #papercutting #atbpapercraft

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Embroidery - Paperclay Doll

After finishing up a large list of January deadlines, I was able to have a bit of fun and finish this paperclay doll - The Embroidery.

She sits working on her heart embroidery..

The base is foam covered in clay and bits of a sewing pattern.

She is a sweet paperclay doll - approximately 5.5" tall.

I'm adding her to my Big Cartel and I think she is the perfect Valentine gift!
Have a Paperclay Valentine? Link up!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Small Town Church - First Art Quilt of 2014

On the way to work a few weeks ago, I drove past this small Presbyterian church in Magna, UT. Its beauty struck me and I literally had to pull the car over to snap a few pictures on my phone. The lines are so clean, the colors so bold and true. I loved the modest and perfect beauty of this home of worship. It is in stark contrast to the huge and somewhat glamorous temples that are so commonly linked to the state of Utah. I knew immediately that I wanted to create an art quilt of this image.

Wouldn't you know it, the next week Project Quilting started up again. The first challenge was to create a quilt with fabric strings (fabric no wider that 2.5" across").

I roughly sketched out an idea of the quilt on graph paper and began slicing up the fabric I wanted to use.

I then glue basted all the strips on to muslin. After fussing, snipping and finally completing the layout, I then basted a grey felt back and a white, small weave tulle on top. Why the tulle? Since I don't use fusible webbing, the fabric can begin to lift. If I quilt with a discreet tulle layer on top, it keeps the fabric laying down.

And this is the final quilt; it is approximately a 20" square. I am shipping it off this week for consideration in a publication and upon its return, I will donate to the church. Maybe they would be happy to display it?
Here are some detail pics..

I've really embraced what I considered to be my "style". I am not fully abstract nor am I a realist artist. I truly like to focus evoking an emotion and giving more of a memory of an image, rather than an exact replica.



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