Friday, March 6, 2015

St. Patrick's Day - Lunch Box Notes - Free Printable

all things belle - st. patricks day - free printable - lunch box notes

I loved getting notes from my parents in my lunch box. Maybe it was a hard morning or even a fantastic one, but to open my lunch pail and get a note of love was the best. Children are always hungry for reminders of how precious and loved they are, but it can be hard to remember to tuck one in. There's homework to pack, teacher reminders and more. 

I thought it would be fun to watercolor a few St. Patrick's Day lunch box notes to share. There are a dozen formatted to fit on letter sized paper. Print them off tonight on some medium-heavy weight cardstock and tuck them in the kitchen junk drawer. When it's St. Patty's Day week, you can toss in a note of love. I think these are so fun, I will probably hide a few in my husband's coat pocket and gym bag. Who couldn't use more love, right?

all things belle - st. patricks day - free printable - lunch box notes

You are my end of the rainbow.. These would be adorable with a snack pack treat of Skittles!

all things belle - st. patricks day - free printable - lunch box notes

You are my pot o' gold.. Mmm, Maybe a few Rolo chocolates to sweeten the day?

all things belle - st. patricks day - free printable - lunch box notes

You are my lucky charm.. My kids always cheer over a serving of Lucky Charm cereal. They promptly eat the marshmallows and are no longer hungry for the healthy bits!

all things belle - st. patricks day - free printable - lunch box notes

A fun printable that is sure to bring a smile to those you love! I am lucky to homeschool my brood, but it seems like more often than not, they are on the go during lunch. I can't wait to sneak a few in their lunch pails!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Irish Blessing - Free Printable

all things belle - irish blessing - free St. patricks printable - watercolor

Since New Year's Eve, I have been painting and drawing every day without (much) fail. I have posted almost all my work on Instagram and Flickr. A few people have asked about purchasing a print. Right now I can not fathom trying to sell prints while juggling my 3 kids and homeschool, so I have opened up a Society6 account. I haven't had time to upload items yet, but I'm hoping that by the end of March it will be full of watercolor goodness. In the meantime, I have a free watercolor Irish Blessing printable for you.

This printable is a 5x7 jpeg. I printed it with a laser on heavy duty metallic white cardstock. I love the shimmer! I hope this adds some lovely Irish charm to your mantle!

(For personal use only - thank you!)

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Star Wars - Watercolor

all things belle - watercolor - star wars

Today the prompt was "robot" and of course I had to paint R2D2. I mean really, could there have been a better bot? I'm working more now without sketching and just diving into painting. It seems to be a better approach for the impressionist style that I lean to, with the sketching in advance, I can feel stifled.

all things belle - watercolor - star wars
I'm also working on Julie Balzer's month of patterns. I tend to coordinate my patterns with my doodle prompt. Princess Leia heads.. So fun!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Watercolor Adventures

all things belle - watercolor

Near the end of last year, I was really feeling the need to paint. I painted my nails, I painted cookies and suckers. I guess I knew I wanted to return to painting, but was having trouble figuring out what it is I wanted to paint. I discovered a couple of doodle and pattern prompts on Instagram. It seemed like a good way a great way to spend my mornings. 

all things belle - watercolor

I have trouble with just doodling though. I sometimes sketch, but almost always enjoy my watercolors. I've learned a lot in the daily practice and I've started receiving requests for prints. I'm taking it slow, but have started looking at reopening my Big Cartel store.

all things belle - watercolor

all things belle - watercolor

Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanksgiving Cookie Place Cards

Before I show my Thanksgiving Cookie Place Cards, I have to share this yummy recipe I found! It was my Mum's birthday last week and all she asked for was a carrot cake. A carrot cake for Mum? Well I had to find the very best one. I found this delicious recipe at Gimme Some Oven. Fresh grated carrots, roasted black walnuts and raisins that have been plumped.

It was such a delicious three layer cake! So beautiful - it was a perfect, autumnal birthday cake. I quickly made a little banner with some beautiful Fancy Pants Design paper to add just an extra touch of love. What is your favorite carrot cake recipe?

This week I really wanted to try making marshmallow fondant. I found a great recipe at Moms & Munchkins. Tackle this baby at least 1 day in advance before you want to use it - I found day 2 was a smashing success! And be prepared that this is a messy endeavor.. have a couple dish clothes at the ready.

Thanksgiving Cookie Place Cards - Items Needed
Batch of baked and cooled cookies
Batch of marshmallow fondant
Corn syrup
Royal icing frosting - piping consistency (frosting bag, coupler and size 2 tip)
Red and orange gel food coloring

Start out with some freshly baked cookies - any type of sugar cookie will do. I like chocolate because I think it adds some flavor dimension. I also used an oval shape - you could use anything (square, circle, turkey, etc.) You will want something that is large enough to frost a name on to.

Roll out your marshmallow fondant thinly - about 1/8" thick and cut with the same cookie cutter used earlier. You need an edible adhesive to put on the cookie to stick to the fondant. You could thinly paint corn syrup, any type of frosting or ganache. I happened to have chocolate ganache in my fridge and used that. Then layer the fondant down on top. Smooth out the sides of the fondant, pushing it on to the cookie.

Mix a small amount of fondant with orange dye and another small amount with red. Roll into a boll and smush until it is consistently colored, unless you prefer a marbled look. With a sharp knife or toothpick, cut out the shape of the leaves and carefully create a vein through the center of the leaf.

Adhere the fondant leaves to the cookies by placing a small amount of corn syrup painted on the back of the leaf.

Prepare your frosting bag with coupler and size 2 tip. Carefully write each guest's name on the cookies with royal icing and allow to dry.

These cookies do not need to be refrigerated and can be done a few days in advance. Just keep them covered in a cool, dark spot of the kitchen.

Such a fun and yummy way to set the Thanksgiving table! You can also get the younger ones involved with this. Fondant decorations can be made in advance. Simply set up a cookie station with corn syrup, new paint brushes (to be used with food only), and frosting. While you work on the the turkey and stuffing, your kids will have the best time creating these.


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