Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cooking Time

Since having the baby I haven't been big on cooking, but I'm getting my mojo back! I have a gizzilion cooking books ( love Cooking Light and Rachel Ray - Yum-o!) and have dragged them out to find inspiration. Pot roast has become a 4 letter word in this house..
apparently I make it a lot :o)
And now that Isabelle is chowing down real food, I'm all about making it for her. Nothing like knowing where all her nutrition is coming from. I've done the fruity and veggie purees, and I'm on to new ground. I found an awesome recipe for vanilla biscotti!! It's perfect for her - slightly sweet, super hard for those chompers and fit just right in her hand.
If you want the recipe, just email me!
** and yes it's yummy in our morning coffee too :o)

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