Monday, December 14, 2009

Something For Me

I have been itching to make myself a skirt to match Isa's Christmas dress that I sewed for her. Finally this past weekend, I found some time. I really wanted a bubble skirt. Honestly, I don't know why. They aren't especially flattering on my hourglass shape, but I just *wanted* one!

I used Vogue's - Very Easy Pattern.
I love what some "easy" is defined as..
It took me just over 2 hours. It is fully lined
(I used this scrumptious red silky lining.. why not it's the holidays, right?!)

My only word of caution is checking the measurements against what you actually are. I did 2 sizes up from what my jeans are, and it's still snug.. granted there has been a fair amount cookie nibbling and eggnog drinking..

And alas it turned out I didn't have enough fabric. I improvised and I think it makes for a fabulous change. I had enough fabric for 1 full skirt side. For the other, I just folded up the pattern till it fit the amount of fabric I had left. This worked in this situation because there is a serious amount of fullness and lots of leeway for less fabric.

When putting the dress together, I simply added a faux seam an equal amount of room away from where the 2 sides joined. The only other changed that followed was that I moved the zipper from the side to now the back. Thus, there is a visible seam on the yoke in the middle of my belly, but I honestly think it looks awesome and fully intended...which it partly was..

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