Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feb Challenge #1

As a member of the Design Team for "A Charming Place"
we participate and create challenges each month.
I totally recommend checking out the site,
getting involved on the forums,
and using the challenges as inspiration.

I will post tutorials for each of the challenges I create or participate in.
Our first challenge of this year was:

*Create a Valentine card using hot glue as an accent, NOT as an adhesive
*and of course "charm" it up.

So here is my journey to "You Make My Hear Soar"

1. A number of the other girls had success
with squirting hot glue into molds and using
that as an accent. I'm not one of them :/

I tried hot glue.
I tried not so hot glue.
I tried freezing the glue.
I pleaded with the glue.
I put the glue in the corner to think about
the stress it was causing me and moved on.

2. Can I say how freakin' impressed I am with Making Memories paint?!?
It has been ignored and in cabinet forever!
Still works fab!!
(I even found it this morning with the cap off.. thanks hubs.. and it still works!)
I bow down to MM paint..

Anywho I painted a microscope slide card sides & insides buttercup yellow.

Luckily that went as planned..

3. I don't have pictures of everything that happened next and for good reason.
I took the glue out of the corner and decided to try a new way of reasoning with it.
This time I freehanded hearts on to a nonstick craft surface and let it dry.
I then slightly reheated the tops with an embossing gun and
poured silver embossing powder on top.

**Note, don't have the gun on while sprinkling the powder.. um yeah it makes a mess.

I absolutely adore the gunmetal appearance it created!

Here is the cover with my "gunmetal" hot glue heart accents

and the inside is "charmed" up!

I am waiting for my new shipment of charms, so I was left to use my angel wings.
But for Valentine's Day I think angels are quite appropriate!

***Side Note***
We found out last night that we are 1 month pregnant!
We were "supposed" to get preggers in a couple weeks in Vegas during our
5 year anniversary trip.. turns out the joke is on us!

It's gotta be a little boy

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