Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's Not Too Late To Vote

Well, it's not too late to vote for me at least!
I'm entering into Michael's Crafting Contest
and here is my Week 1 Entry.

The premise is to create a craft with 3 mystery craft items each week.
This week it was: ornaments, beads, and ribbon.

My girls of course were my inspiration!
A faux fur created wreath (Isa adores fur!!)
A pearl bracelet to hang it up on the door.
And decked out in pink boa feathers, platinum, and more pearls!

Want to help me win a crafty cruise?
First you need to have a Facebook account
(you have one don't you??)
You can search for me by name (Jennifer R.)
and if you click "like", you'll be doing me a huge favor!

Thanks so much!
Want to know how to make the wreath?
Want a tutorial?
Let me know and I'll post one up!



Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

So beautiful!!! I am your newest follower. Saw you on CSI project!
Bonnie :)

René said...

I think your wreath is beautiful!



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