Friday, March 18, 2011

Random Wrong Number Ramblings..

I have an odd sense of humor.
It is possible it is the slightest bit of a mean, dry sense of humor.
I don't feel too guilty about it.
I think our humor is like our eye color, not to much we can do about it..

Anywho this post is nothing more than a story
about a wrong number incident.
It caused me & my hubby ceaseless giggles.
I can not guarantee you will laugh.
But if nothing else, maybe you'll smirk at my truly odd humor.
**Story is completely true.. I could not make up half the crazy things that happen to me!
One day I'll blog about ALL the crazy flights I've had.. woah, baby!**

Soo.. I have a cell phone with a 602 - AZ area code.
I've had it for over 16 years.
I don't care where I live.
That's my cell.
I get wrong AZ calls a fair amount..probably monthly.
No biggie.

Well.. Earlier this week I had a message from the Maricopa Juvenile Detention Center.
They were looking for Miss Suzy.
No Miss Suzy here.
I didn't call back.
If I had the time I may have, but time is one thing I don't have.

Yesterday while we were at Isabelle's 3 year doc visit,
they called again.
I explain No Suzy.
They repeated the number they thought they were calling,
but they had mistakenly continued to hit "6" instead of "9".

Okay.. still not hilarious..
Stay with me people.

On the way home from said doctor appointment, I get another call
some very rude woman asks who the cuss I am
and hangs up when I politely remind her she called moi..
Crazy cuss lady calls back.
Same conversation.

Now I'm equally intrigued and annoyed.
I call the crazy cuss lady's number from caller ID
and get the Sandman Hotel.
Wow.. can you just picture this classy joint?
I wonder if Sheen has visited it..

Okay..back to story..
Hubby and I get a little laugh over it.

But can I let it go?
I call the number that Miss Suzy is supposed to be at.
Remember, the Detention Center admitted to dialing a "6" instead of a "9"
so I know the right number.

On the other end of the line I get a pretty gruff man.
He firsts denies there is any Suzy and wants to know WHO am I..
I laughingly try to explain the situation and try to convince him
that I was just trying to reach this Miss Suzy so she would know
that both the Detention Center & the Sandman Hotel were looking for her.
I make my apologies and think the conversation is over..

Uh, no..

Gruff man informs me that he does in fact have a daughter named Suzy.


Does gruff man really think I was able to pull some random number
out of my hat and correctly guess that there would be a daughter named Suzy?

Right aren't laughing.
This was hysterical yesterday..


Rachel said...

That's funny!

My phone number is very similar to a man who owns several properties in town. Every time he has a new house for rent & advertises in the paper, I get a few calls.

Jenny Rodriguez said...

Yeah - glad I wasn't the only one that I thought it was funny!

Too bad about the Realtor - that would make me kooky :o)


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