Saturday, March 10, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake Garden Party

I don't know how it happened, but my sweet Kiddo turns four this week. She has been asking for a Strawberry Shortcake party since the day after she turned three. When we went to the Red Butte Garden this past Halloween, I knew that it would be the perfect place for her birthday, and it was! If you are in Utah, I highly recommend the Garden for an event. The price was reasonable, the grounds are beautiful and the staff was truly amazing.

We had a berry bonanza! 

Fresh berries, strawberry/cream cheese sandwiches and strawberry/sesame paste sandwiches, strawberry applesauce, berry juices, and berry tea..

There is my little piece of sunshine! She and her sister wore matching strawberry dresses.

 Serged muslin knapsacks with Strawberry Shortcake pencils..
 Filled with homemade strawberry play dough in little fabric bags with strawberrry Whopper candy..
 Our party had storytimes of ladybugs..
 and painting flower pots..

 And hunting for aphids

And planting pretty flowers in our freshly painted pots..

Finally enjoying strawberry cupcakes with chocolate frosting and chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting... all decorated with chocolate dipped strawberries..

We had a great time and I think Kiddo was in heaven.. 

oh, and yes I've been informed she would like a  Tangled Rapunzel party for next year....


Karen @ Desert Chica Ramblings said...

I wish we lived closer! The party looked super cute and the cupcakes delish!

Jan Maree said...

She looks absolutely gorgeous and what a fabulous idea for a party - pity my 15 year olds wouldn't appreciate it!

mamamuniz said...

It all looks so good, I am sure they had a blast! Well done!

Sharon said...

What an adorable party for your sweet little girl! It looks like they all had such a good time. :)

MACY said...

oh i love the chocolate cupcakes with strawberry. very sweet thing to do for your kiddo =)


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