Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Raven - Mixed Media Art Piece

My latest mixed media art piece - The Raven. I had a blast building this wood plaque up with plaster, pastels, hot beeswax and then shallow carving it down for some darker paints. While the raven is an iconic image, this was a recent memory for me. My girls and I were out running errands and came upon this tremendous raven sitting on a fence during a fiery sunset. It was just stunning and eerie  Of course, I was too late with my camera - as if it would have done my memory justice. I've wanted to recreate that spooky, beautiful moment for awhile now and am quite happy with this piece. Our memories are always so more vivid and alive than can be captured by film, this mixed media art is a bit closer to what feelings were invoked.

Seriously loving playing with plaster and paint!

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