Sunday, May 26, 2013

Little Man's Nursery Projects #2 - Baby Mobiles - Pirate Ships, Fish and Bubbles

I've created the baby mobiles for all of our children. I had Pinned a bunch of ideas for Baby T's nursery and really fell for the simplicity of the dot mobiles. This was a really cheap and easy project - about 6 pieces of shimmery cardstock punched into 1" circles. Before I started to assemble the mobile, I ran across Alisa Burke's amazing fish baby mobile  I loved the carefree nature of hers and the added texture addition of fabric. It was quick to free motion sew a few fish from fabric and paper; such a fun and perfect touch!

This is a simple project, but it makes a fabulous and colorful impact in the nursery. All I needed was an embroidery hoop, scrapbook paper and scrap fabric. Once the dots and fish were completed, I just chainstiched it together in a random pattern. I love to watch it sway in the breeze - I can't for little Tommy to rest in his crib and enjoy the symphony of color!

After the bubble and fish mobile was completed, I started to become re-interested in papier-mache. And of course I created yet another Pinterest board.. In my late night Pinning sessions, I came across the amazing Ann Wood. Her pattern and tutorial for a papier-mache boat is wonderful!

I had promised Kiddo and my dad that somewhere in the Baby's nursery, there would be a pirate.. I adore this little pirate ship that hangs in the corner. It was fun to make, but it is a bit time consuming. I had thought it would be fun to have a small fleet of them, but yeah.. For now and the foreseeable future, there will be one ship flying high and seeking mischievous adventures!

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MACY said...

wow this is such cool idea ;)


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