Sunday, July 18, 2010

Breaking News - A Maternity Sewing Pattern That Is Not Hideous!

My baby shower is just around the corner and I really wanted to make my dress.
I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars
(which is what it takes for a super cute maternity dress)
and I didn't want to wear a black Target dress
(which is ALL they seem to ever have.. )

I know, I know.. you don't believe me.
You've gone to the sewing store and looked at the pattern catalogs for maternity clothes,
and what did you find?

A forgotten and cobwebbed section.
I know.
I've been there.

And the few patterns that still exist are convinced you want to spend your days feeling more like a blobless entity. Really, how many boxy tops and leggings do we'll all need?!?

Thank the Heavens we live in the era of blogs.
I found that Kwik Sew has a few patterns that are not totally without style.
(P.S. I can NOT find the blog that inspired me..if it sounds like yours - let me know!)

So I decided to sew my own!
My ultra generous mom bought me the super cute cotton fabric - which was no bargain deal..
but alas you get what you pay for in the fabric world.

And this weekend I got it done.

About 4 hours of work, about 4 yards of fabric (oy vay!), and a zipper.

I love it!
Kwik Sew writes fabulous patterns!
They go the extra step and write out the details of what makes the difference between looking homemade and handcrafted - and yes there is a difference :D

Can't wait to show it off at my baby shower!!
(and yes there will be pics of me in

If you been putting off sewing clothes, I recommend trying a Kwik Sew patterns.
I've worked with almost every name brand, and I'm most impressed with them.

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GoofingOff said...

Your creation looks wonderful! You will look amazing at the shower. Congrats to you and the new baby.


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