Friday, May 4, 2012

So Amazing, It's Scary

I have a love/hate relationship with horror movies. Now if we are talking Hitchcock, well, I love all of his work. He was a genius! I don't think there is a movie of his that I don't madly love. My all time favorite? Vertigo.. I could talk forever about all the psychology of love, loss, and obsession wound in that film. My next favorite? The Birds...

Then last month the fabulous embroidery site, Feeling Stitchy, featured the amazing art of Drop Dead Quirky . How incredible is this depiction of "The Shining"..

and then I had to see more, so I snooped on over to her Flickr page..and saw this...

I was in love. The way she captured the eerie tone with thread was beyond amazing.

And then, and then, and then...

I have no words. Well, actually I do. I told my husband I would marry that fiber art if I could. It's so amazing, I can't take it.

I've begun checking her Flickr site everyday to see if there is a new fabulously scary piece.

What piece do you think she should do next?
I was going to ask her to do the clown from "It", but didn't want to seem all pushy..
Like by magic, it was her next piece!!

How wicked is that?? I never really liked clowns...I'm pretty sure if I bought this, I would have to tuck it in the freezer each night so I wouldn't be afraid of it all night.

I'm just utterly amazed and inspired by her work..
I'll have to think some piece I could commission that wouldn't make me hide under the covers!

(P.S. These pictures are from her personal Flickr page, if you want to Pin - please credit Drop Dead Quirky. Thanks!)

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Anonymous said...

These are amazing! My favorite is the Birds one. (My husband and I just watched that movie for the first time recently, so that's probably why.) Makes me want to start an embroidery project!


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