Friday, July 13, 2012

Charlotte's Web - Embroidered Cover Art

I've been wanting to open Kiddo's literary world beyond picture books. Unfortunately she gets very antsy with chapter books and it doesn't make for an enjoyable evening for either of us. I thought I would try audio books since we seem to always been in the car. Fabulous! Not only do I get a break from the kid's music channel, but we all enjoy richly written classics. I adore "Charlotte's Web"! The descriptions are amazingly rich and the story is so tender.

Every time we would jump in the car, the beautiful cover illustrated by Garth Williams, always made me smile. I loved Fern's pensive expression and the pastoral scene. I wondered if I could create an embroidery that would do it justice. I thought that if it worked out, that I may create one for each my daughters every year.

I pretty much love it and hope you do too. It took me the better part of the last week and I ended up doing Fern's face twice (the first time she was more reminiscent of Samara from "The Ring"..eek!!)

The thread/floss? Lots of lots of my favorite Muddy Monet from Valdini, a few DMC, and the bright glistening white came from a brand called Artiste (new to me...a bit fiddly, but loved the sheen!)

The best part of it, is that Kiddo adores it. She's been watching it transform and is very eager to have it in her room. I'm not sure how I'll display it. Maybe just as a simple hoop art. I went through pains to make it serene, I really don't want to ruin that feel at the end.

I am going to be doing "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See" next for Baby. It's been a favorite board book of hers for months.. Embroidered book scenes.. pretty much the perfect art for this librarian!

And I promise to all my Instagram followers, this is the last of Charlotte that you will see! Want to follow my pictures on Instagram? I'm listed as "allthingsbelle" but of course..

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Anita said...

Looks great! Love your color choices :)


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