Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Rare Shopping Treat For Me & Baby

When we moved to Utah a few years ago, I was introduced to the store DownEast Basics. I really loved the modern and modest fashion style! I was very excited when I saw all the home furnishings available now too. However, with my two little munchkins it is a rare treat to go fashion and home decor shopping. I was lucky enough to sneak out this past Wednesday night with just Baby and see what was new.

Here is sweet Baby watching me try on clothes.. yes, she is much more interested in drinking her night-night milk. After trying on a number of fun outfits, this is what I decided on..

I love the versatility of this outfit! I wore it today to work at the library and received compliments all day. The skirt is actually called the "Optional Dress Skirt" and can be worn as a dress all by itself. I'm planning on wearing it as a dress with a black shrug when we go to see "Wicked" in August.. Even the delicious pin double duties as a hair accessory - both a pin and clip on the back. I love it when pieces can multi function, don't you?

There is nothing quite like a new outfit to wear and it was a special treat to have my first solo shopping trip with Baby.

Another beauty I spied with my little eye is this yummy leather ottoman.

It is a smoking hot deal for under $100 ! I will have to write Santa about this and see if we can arrange a Christmas in July. Again.. DownEast does not disappoint - I love that it would provide some extra seating in our front room and hide a number of toys as well.

DownEast Basics is actually in a number of states now as well as online. I would check them out the next time your are in need of a special outfit. Just really awesome, classic style!


Yes this post was sponsored by DownEast.
No I didn't just say those things. I truly love that store and am giving my complete and honest opinion.

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