Monday, August 27, 2012

Back To School Dresses

It was impossible to have both girls look in my direction, smile, and not have their dresses flipped over their heads. Alas, it was the first day of school and you HAVE to take pictures..right, right? 

Do you like their dresses? They love them and I adore them.. The fabric is Blend designed by the truly amazing Cori Dantini, the line is "Beauty is You". I am crazy about this fabric.. amazing quality, style, and color tones. Couldn't you just see those as an Anthro dress?

The pattern is by the fabulous Jennifer Paganelli - it is the Molly Peasant pattern. Sis Boom patterns are insanely detailed and include tons of sizes. I can't say enough about this pattern. I'm in the process of making two more for a dear friend's angel pie. Love it, love it. You need this pattern.

A few more gratuitous pics of my pretty girls..

Kiddo had a fabulous first day! Yay! Hope your kidlets are enjoying their return to school..


Suzanne said...

The dresses and your daughters are beautiful! I have a dress pattern from 25+ yrs ago I used for my daughters and now for the granddaughters.

Dawn said...

Sweet sister pics, they're adorable!

Carla said...

Darling darling girls-- and dresses!


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