Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hooked on Sewing - Halloween Coasters

I'm so excited to dive back into my "hooked on sewing" projects. The latest one I created is listed now in my Etsy shop. I have wanted to make my reversible coasters for awhile. The backs are crocheted rounds with hand appliqued fabric on top. Perfect coasters!

I love these coasters are soft..with two young kiddos I'm always trying to create beautiful items for the home that can not be easily broken or ruined.. Most of our ceramic coasters were damaged in the last four years..

These coasters won't scratch your table, won't break on tile, or hurt little one's teeth if they decide to trying chewing on them.. Not that my kids ever tried to chew a coaster before..

Lots of more Halloween goodies coming soon! Have you started making projects for the fall season yet?

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