Friday, September 28, 2012

What Happens To A Dream Deferred?

Have you ever had your greatest desire answered but were too blind to see it? The path to success is winding, bumpy, emotional, and mostly behind closed doors. All my life I've wanted to be an artist. In high school I was on that path.. then there was college, graduate school, marriage, babies, and more. A dream deferred. Then the dream changes.. and changes once again. 

Rather than talking about what I want to be, I've decided to just go do it. I'm putting on some blinders for the first time in my life. Looking past the quick immediate gratifications, to be in and enjoy a dream delivered.

We have been vacationing this week and it has helped clarify so much. I've laid out my plans for 2013.. It includes some fabulous events, starting homeschool with my adorable daughters, lots of projects for those I love.. and art. Lots of of it. Lots of surface art quilting. 

To kick it off early, two of my pieces are in the National Arts Program and will be on display for the month of October.

Don't deffer your dreams for too long or lose sight that they may already be in your grasp.


Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Gorgeous pieces! :) Looking forward to seeing more. xo

Naturally Carol said...

The bible says that 'hope deferred makes the heart sick'..too true. Sometimes we don't realise that some dreams just come true in a different way..just like your artistic one.

Cami said...

Love that poem, love the vibes, and I am so loving that crochet I spied up there! :) Felicidades!


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