Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wild Child's 4th Birthday - An Ariel Extraganza

It is hard for me to believe that my baby girl turned four this week. She's been talking about her big birthday party for months. At first she was set on a Frozen theme, just like her big sister is planning. But in the end, I was happy to see her decide for herself and it was all about Ariel.

Normally I am right on top of the invitations - completed and mailed at least a month in advance. Somehow this year, the time got away with me. Even though they were rushed, these invites actually are at the top of my favorites.

Different shades of blue envelopes from Envelopments (because my old business was custom wedding invitations and that's what I had.. lol) Topped with some glittery sand and seashells. A bit of time on Photoshop and tada, pretty cute invites that didn't cost me a dime out of pocket!

One of the most important parts of the party for my daughter was the cake! I had to make an Ariel cake, and it had to be with rainbow cake. Oi! It reminds me of that bloody armadillo cake in Steel Magnolias!

 About two decades ago, I took cake decorating classes with my Mum and had a blast! I also ran a small bakery online about 4 years ago (though no birthday cakes!) I thought this Ariel cake would be a cinch to do. Well I busted 3 of 4 of my icing bags and cursed a lot in my head. And honestly, she scares me a bit..but the birthday girl and my eldest daughter thought it was awesome!!! That's what matters, right?
I couldn't eat a rainbow Ariel cake though.. So I made these adorable little cupcakes. Easy peasy with a giant star tip, blue chocolate candies and some Little Mermaid icing candy. In the end, these were a hit with the kids too.

An easy extra dessert because the cake and cupcakes were not enough, right? Blue jello in a pie tin with graham cracker "sand", gummi fish and giant white gumballs. 

For her party favors, I Photoshopped an image off Google and added some text. I ran little, white paper bags through my laser for a sweet, personalized gift. The printing on paper bags with a laser wasn't exact, but for 4 year-olds, it seemed just perfect. If you really wanted it to be exact, you could easily print it on a different paper and adhere it to the bag.

They were stapled shut with some fun red coral-like fringe I found ages ago. And what's inside? Sea side bubbles and more tiny red fish. Something to play with and a little treat..

In the end, I had one happy mermaid!

Love you my sweet, wild child. Every day is full of more adventures, love and laughs because we are blessed with adorable, little you.

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