Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hiking with Kids in Utah - Lisa Falls

The last time I hiked Lisa Falls, I was 7 months pregnant with Julie and chasing after a very rebellious 2 year old Isabelle. It wasn't fun. Maybe that's why it's been a couple years since I considered going back and I am so glad we did!

Lisa Falls is a very short hike off the road in Little Cottonwood. Though it is a short hike, it is rocky and travels near the falls. I don't recommend toddlers walking this trail without very close supervision, my husband carried our two year old son. He was pretty scared of the rushing water and didn't want to walk on his own. There was another family there that had a young baby strapped on to their backs and she looked so happy!

It is however fun for slightly older kids - our 5 and 7 year old had a blast! Be sure to pack swimsuits, towels and water shoes. The girls had the best time playing in the water.

There were a few times I wanted to jump in and protect them, but they had so much fun exploring and playing in the water. It is a good time to go over water safety with children though, the falls can be strong during certain times of the year.

And well, you can't hike near falls with two princesses and not have a mermaid photo shoot!

This was also a very popular site for rock climbers. The kids loved to see them climb!

Two thumbs up for Lisa Falls! Just watch those real little ones on the trail and maybe not for pregnant Mommas (or at least it was too much for me a few years ago!)

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