Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hiking with kids in Utah - Silver Lake

I have never seen myself as an avid hiker. Though I love the wilderness, it just has never been high on my favorites thing to do. Well that is until I became a mother. That is one of the best things of being a parent, exploring the world through new sets of eyes. Have you tried hiking with your kids? There are so many awesome reasons to make this a regular excursion with them!

*Kids are natural explorers. They want to see new places, climb big boulders and spot animals (even if it is just a chipmunk) in the wild. They want to learn in a fun environment.

*Hiking is typically free. There are times when parks will charge a minimal fee, but this is such an inexpensive way to spend the day.

*Kids need to burn off energy. Hiking allows them chances to run, to climb and wear themselves out. You may find that you are rewarded with fabulous naps after your hikes.

*Instead of yelling or bribing your kids to remove themselves from technology, hiking is a fun way to accomplish that without an argument. You may find that the more your kids love the outdoors, the less you hear the electronic sounds.

This summer, I will be posting my reviews of hikes with kids in the local Northern Utah area. Please feel free to chime in with your favorite places to hike!

Last week we started our season off with a favorite of ours, Silver Lake. Hands down, I think this is the best beginner hike with kids that I have found. The hike around the lake is about an hour at a slow speed - the perfect time for my kids (2,5,7). It is common to spot moose and beavers. On our trip we only saw chipmunks and squirrels though.

I recommend packing the kid cameras, bug collectors and jackets. Here the kids spotted a beaver dam on one side of the lake and a lodge on the other.

The path is quite large and safe with little elevation gain. You could easily push a jogging stroller on the path (we saw at least a 1/2 dozen that morning).

It is a wonderful shaded hike that is a cool respite from the valley during the hotter months. I recommend if you prefer a more peaceful time, plan on hiking early in the morning. Around lunch time, the parking lot is full and the lake is chirping with lots of little voices.

Two kiddo thumbs up for Silver Lake!

Have you gone? What was your favorite part of the hike?

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