Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Iron Craft #15 - The Incredible Edible... Easter Basket!

This week on Iron Craft, we were challenged to make something with the incredible yummy Peeps! OK, I know lots of people don't like the gooey goodness - but I do! In fact a few weeks ago I made a Peeps wreath. I was actually stumped on ideas for more crafty goodness when it comes to marshmallows. I've seen so much out there in blogsphere and didn't want to copy. I finally decided to go the edible route. Cause culinary arts is crafty too, right??

I imagined a completely edible Easter basket! I've seen how to make chocolate bowls with balloons several times, but never had a chance to try it. Oh my goodness, Isa could NOT contain herself while I was working on these. She was beyond tickled that Mommy was making balloons for dessert. It was actually super easy! I just melted down some high quality chocolate in a double boiler. Place a big ol' glob of it on a greased cookie sheet and swirl the sides of a blown balloon in it. Place in the fridge till it's hard - and all done!

After my "baskets" were done, I got to work on the grass. I dyed some vanilla pudding green and mixed in some coconut shavings. I think this would be adorable with some of that edible Easter grass, but I was late in the game and could not find it anywhere! Top it off with a yummy Peeps and you're done! A completely edible Easter basket that will put your kiddos in hysterics. Not sure why it's so funny... But I think it's darn cute!

On a side note, I was thinking it would also be a hoot to make these as an embyro egg for maybe the scientist in your life. You can make basket into an egg shell by using white chocolate, keep the vanilla pudding white and a touch of yellow dyed pudding for the yolk, and lastly top it off with the baby Peeps chick!

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