Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back to School!

Is it just me or were we totally gypped of summer this year? Well at least in Utah it took forever to be done with the snow and now it's already time for school. I'm so excited for Isabelle; this is her first year of preschool. She has a wonderful teacher, her best friend in her class, and so much eagerness to learn.

I've searched high & low for some traditions that we could start. My husband doesn't quite get the importance of this, but for me it's those extra touches that I hope my girls will remember and do for their children. I personally remember the very important first day of school pictures, picking out a new backpack, and wrapping my new books with paper grocery bags - what great canvases for drawing!

This year Isabelle is going on a "Backpack Date" with Daddy. As I type, they are at Toys R Us picking out whatever her heart desires. I know she wants The Little Mermaid, but I wouldn't be surprised if she came home with an Iron Man one! ((Just found out she has a Dora backpack and Disney Princess lunch pail!))

Here is my little academic star in a tee I embroidered for her. I think she looks so sweet! The embroidery is from SWAK. I've bought a few files from them in the past and I'm always super happy with the stitch out. Machine embroidery on knit can be interesting to say the least, but I had no trouble with this - thank goodness!

I also made her a bulletin board for all her important papers and artwork. Do you want to see what I did? It's super easy and fun for the kiddos!

What do you need?
*Magnetic board ( I got mine from Target on clearance)
*Enough fabric to cover the board
*Pretty trim for border of board
*white felt
*tear away stabilizer
*scrap fabric
*hot glue

What do you do?
1.) Hot glue fabric down on magnet board only on border. Stretch it tight so it fits nice and smooth.
2. Cut any excess fabric off from the sides. Beautify that border up by hot gluing trim around the edge.
3. Stitch out your apple applique on white felt.
4. Cut apple out from felt, leaving about 1/4" border.
5. Hot glue apple applique on to a magnet.
6. Enjoy!



Chinnu said...

I too a very fond of school days, first day at school pics and all the fun. I did make a whole scrapbook for my nephew with his first year at sure these make great memories when they grow up and flip these pages....isn't it??
@ great projects here...Tee is gorgeous...not to miss your daughter looks cute!!
Love the apple magnet...its irresistible!!

The CSI Girl said...

Very cute! I hope you will link this up to The CSI Project starting tomorrow night. The challenge this week is Back to School. every week is a new challenge and winners! Also a great giveaway!
Come on over and see the tutorials.


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