Friday, August 19, 2011

The Not So Spooky Doll Quilt

A couple weeks ago, cutie pie Isabelle was putting her dolly to sleep using one of our kitchen towels. I know! How could she not have a slew of handmade doll quilts? Well to cut me some slack, it's really been only in the last month that she has really shown much interest in her dolls and imaginary play.

The same week, the amazing Rhonna Farrer had a Design Team call. She makes the most amazing digital artwork. Most people I know use her designs for their digital scrapbooks or print them out for cards and other paper projects. I really wanted to find some ways to incorporate her work into some fun sewing projects.

It is really easy! There are a number of ways you can print on fabric, but I wanted some immediate gratification so I went one of the easier ways. I uploaded her images into Photoshop and rearranged them to maximize the number of images on a letter sized paper. Then I printed it on ink-jet printable fabric - you can find these at most craft stores, they are sold near the fabric section.

After the images were printed and heat set (follow the directions on the package for your particular brand), I cut them out and arranged them on a piece of muslin fabric. Once I was happy with the layout, I rubbed a small bit of glue stick behind each circle and adhered it to the quilt. The rest was pretty traditional quilting. Lots of obvious black free motion stitching and bright, contrast binding. I mixed in small postage size pieces of scrap fabric.

I love it! Isabelle was whopping and hollering the whole time I made it. I was informed that it is "just a little spooky" - perfect for her. I can't wait to give to her to play with at Halloween. And I am much happier that her dolls will now have their first proper quilt!

If you love the look of this but don't have any ankle biters with dolls, it would be a perfect accent for a Halloween mantle display or hung up as a mini quilt.

If you have no desire to quilt, you can use this same technique and make into a card or scrapbook layout. Simply print the images on paper and use a black sharpie to make the thread lines.

Hope you enjoy!


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KimMalk said...

What a precious quilt. Your daughter will love playing with it for years. :)


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