Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's Your Pet Peeve?

This year my mom & I finally went to Quilt Market. It was such an amazing experience, I had no idea how many celebrities I would meet. While we were there, I fawned all over the "Quilting Arts" booth. I loooove their magazine and special editions. And I met Pokey! She was so warm and personable. I ended up filming with them a little bit about my adoration for art quilting. I think it was that exchange that finally pushed me to submit to their magazine.

This morning I submitted my quilt, "Ode to the Commode". The magazine opened a call for submissions about pet peeves. And well mine is having to go potty and only finding a cardboard roll where there should be some toilet paper..

Fingers crossed Pokey will find this as amusing as we do. Even though Thomas was the joke in this quilt, he loves it and wants to display it prominently in one of our bathrooms. Maybe it will serve as a reminder? One can only hope...

1 comment:

Barbara J Childs said...

LOL I'm sure Pokey will laugh too. Good luck with your submission


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