Monday, September 12, 2011

Celebrate Christmas - Quilt Along

Welcome Quilters!
I'm so honored to be a part of Quilting Gallery's Quilt Along.

If you are new to my blog, let me give me a little background.
My name is Jennifer and I live in Utah with my 2 adorable little girls
and super supportive, handsome hubby.
I've been sewing on and off for two decades, and quilting in the more recent years.
Earlier this year I tried paper piece foundation quilting and fell in love.
I'm completely hooked on the technique and started creating my own patterns this summer.
I like to post free patterns & tutorials weekly - I highly recommend subscribing to my blog to keep up with latest!

For this Christmas quilt along, I created the paper pieced block "Santa's Mittens". If you have not done this technique before, I have a very simple tutorial here. If you have any trouble at all, please do not hesitate to email me!!

The block pattern is here. There are a total of 3 PDF pages to print - each one is a 6" printed square. ** With paper piecing you will use your add 1/4" ruler around the edge so it will be a 6.5" square upon completion.

I suggest printing out multiple copies - one to sew on and one to color in as a reference. Please remember that your block will be the mirror image of what you print.

How much fabric do you need?
I used 4 fat quarters and had LOTS leftover.

The wonderful thing about paper piecing is it's easy to use up your stash rather than having to buy new fabric, but I of course always want to buy new fabric.. I'm sure none of you can relate.. ;o)

How do you create the block?
You will do a single block of each mitten.

You will do two blocks of the 4 square. I alternated the colors in my triangles, but of course you can do what you like best.

For this block - you will need to cut the letter groups from each other - A,B,C,D,E, and F.
Complete each letter group and then sew together.
For example, sew A1 to A2, B1 to B2, and then the A group to the B group.
When you paper piece, you will leave a 1/4" border around the printed piece. Thus your printed 6" square will be a completed 6.5" square.

You will then sew the four blocks together and have a completed 12.5" square that will be 12" finished once you sew them to the additional Christmas blocks.

I thank you so much for your time and truly hope you love this block. I know that foundation piecing maybe new to some of you, but please give it a try. I personally find it much easier and I think you will have fun. Happy Holidays!



Sandi Linn Andersen said...

Jennifer, I'm working on the block now but wondering how you paper-pieced the triangle squares. My brain must not be working because it's not working for me. Did you sew triangles together and then place them on the block?

Shawna said...

Where are the instructions on how big to cut the pieces for the pieced parts? There are no instructions. Can you post some please?

Jenny Rodriguez said...

Hi Shawna, Sorry I did not email you directly but your blogger account does not have it linked.

The 4 square is still paper pieced. Print out the template. The half triangles are traditionally paper pieced. For the large squares you can just pin the fabric to paper and trim. You still quilt in a traditional paper pieced fashion.

If you still have trouble, email me directly so we can more about. or

Mona said...

Thank you so much for a beautiful block!!!
I did piece parts of the block, and I have posted a description on how on my blog:
Is that OK with you? If not, I will delete it, and you can delete this comment.
Thank you again for the inspiration.

Jenny Rodriguez said...

Mona, that's awesome! I truly feel that quilts,art, etc should be a reflection of each person. I love that you made it your own and gave a tutorial.

Please keep it up!!

Sharon said...

Such a neat Idea! Just found this and I love the block!

Sharon said...

Hi! I just found out about the Christmas Quilt Along and downloading all the blocks. I've not tried paper piecing and always willing to learn something new. Thank you for such a sweet block! Now, I'm going to follow you!


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