Monday, September 12, 2011

Paper Pieced Snack Mat

I made this adorable little snack mat for Kiddo.
Sorry I don't have a picture after I bound it - she was eager to use it..
in fact it already has a sour cream stain..

Want the pattern?
Come visit Craizee Corners today - I'm guesting posting!


mamamuniz said...

I love that sweet water- hometown line. The polkas are my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Too bad I didn't see that snack mat before I made 14 of them for my grandson's preschool. They were celebrating Grandparent's Day by inviting grandparents to have snacks with the kids. The commute was a little long for me, it's a 14 hour drive. So I sent snack mats instead. I like yours, even if I don't like paper piecing. :) ~Nita


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