Monday, September 19, 2011

Wonder Woman Ride

The day after I returned from The Creative Connection Event, I had my Wonder Woman ride with some awesome friends. (I'm the one on the far left if you couldn't tell)

There we are before our 30 mile race in Payson, Utah. It was a beautiful ride! Lots of chatting and catching up, but we all finished in just about 2 hours.

I love bike riding. It is the closest I feel to flying. I love how it clears my head and makes my body feel alive.

But I have to say if I'm Wonder Woman, my amazing husband is Superman! He watched our girls from Wed -Fri..then all day Saturday during my ride.. And when I came home from the race, I passed out from 8pm -8am. He is amazing.. I could not be the person I am without his love and support..

1 comment:

Sharon Sews said...

I was wondering how your ride went!


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