Friday, April 13, 2012

Hungry Quilter - Pizza Night!

We love pizza in our house. Realllly love it! If it's Friday night then you can be sure that Hubby will leave work at 5:01, grab us a movie, and I'll be busy making a pizza. I don't usually change it too much.My pizza? It is sliced"clean" sausage links, onions, sauce made from fresh tomatoes (yum!), and lots of cheese. I guess it's probably not totally clean, but it's a way healthier alternative to the other pizzas out there.

For a long time I would buy one of the two types of ready made pizza crust sold at our grocery store. Bleh. Both of them taste like cardboard and would always prove to be a disappointment. I decided to try Bob's Red Mill gluten free pizza crust mix. It is sooooo good. It is pretty quick to make and one bag makes 2 crusts. I use one that night and place the other ball of dough in the fridge for the next Friday. It says it's supposed to be good refrigerated for a few days, and a week maybe pushing it, but we've never had issues.. in fact I think the slightly older crust taste even better!

Do you have a Friday night dinner routine?


Needled Mom said...

We love the homemade pizzas too. I always make my own dough - very easy - and then freze them in balls. They freeze beautifully and then you can just pull a ball out each week.

Suzanne said...

Date night for Husband and I...which can be a trip to the library or watching a movie at home. Homemade pizza is always better!


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