Monday, May 18, 2015

Can't Let It Go, Let It Go

I can't believe my first born turned 7 a few months ago. It honestly seems like just yesterday when I could feel her kick in my belly at the sound of her Daddy talking. She has always been an old soul though - full of wisdom and kindness. Those who know her, know she exudes a sunshine that is unique. My sweet girl requested a Frozen birthday and I did my best to accommodate!

When we celebrate birthdays, we tend to make it at least a week long party. A quick tulle wreath for the front door - adorned with vinyl and lots of glitter! Her face would light up every time she saw it when we would drive up to our home.

A banner in her name and a snowball (cotton balls) garland in the front room. Her name and snowflakes were cut on vinyl and the pennants are metallic cardstock. 

A peek-a-boo vinyl decal for our family room lamp - the image is from Cricut's Frozen line.

A watercolor invitation with lots of glitter and boxed up with a ribbon. These were one of her most favorite invitations!

Since her birthday is in early spring, all the Utah snow had melted and we were able to have the party outside with her friends.

We had snow-capped Elsa punch - such a hit with the kids! And amazingly there were no blue puddles in the kitchen after the party.

Olaf noses in the snow (baby carrots with ranch dip).

Kristoff ice cubes (blue raspberry Jello jigglers).

 Elsa's favorite fresh fruit..

And a Rock Troll salad (Cesar salad).

Since all the snow had melted, we couldn't build a snowman. Instead we drew Olaf all over our brick fence - no worries, chalk washes off and the kids loved it!

Kiddo wanted to create a game of her own for the party. She drew Elsa and cut out magical snowflakes for a fun game of pin the snowflake on Elsa. Isn't she so creative!

The children blew a bubble reception for Elsa! Elsa was amazing! If you live in Northern Utah and would like to invite her to your party, she can be found at Part of Your World Princess Parties. We received no compensation for this review, we just truly loved her! I still hear about how wonderful she was from my daughters and the guests!

There was a story time out on the lawn - the kids were hanging on her every word!

Singing and dancing with Elsa..

and lots of time for photos!

When Elsa had to return home, it was time for desserts!
First we had Anna's Frozen Heart cake pops..


And this year my daughter requested a cake from the bakery. It was delicious, affordable and was one less thing for me to worry about. Win, win!

The kids took home a goody bag of white & blue rock candy wands because I'm sure they needed more sugar in their life.. Sorry parents!

It was a wonderful birthday and party. These childhood years fly by, I will never regret making a big deal on their special day.

Now, can we let it go?

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