Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Results for WOW #5 - Details for #6

I loved that ya'll really tried something new this week!
I hope that you had fun and maybe found a new favorite craft.
Inspiration can come from so many new places.

Before Iwas a mother, I'd spend hours shopping and looking at fashion mags.
I loved the art museum and traveling to new places.
Incredible fodder for inspiration.
But just because I typically have a milk stain and have become a mommy taxi,
doesn't mean that my creativity has to be stifled.

This week I was inspired by the gazillion Valentine wreaths I've seen,
the coffee filter AND cupcake liners wreaths, and preschool.
Yup a preschooler could do my craft.
I'd like to think mine is a little more professional looking,
but why not try a smaller scale version with your kiddo!

I love that I'm a "Rodriguez" now.
I love my maiden name too.
I loved taking on my husband's name when we were married
because I saw it as a gift, not a removal of who I was before him.
I felt honored to be linked to my hubby.
So here is my Valentine wreath celebrating my marriage.

It is so easy peasy (and cheap, cheap!!)
I free hand drew and cut out a "R"
on some lightweight chipboard
(you could use cardboard, styrofoam..whatever you have in your stash)
And grabbed some crepe garland that has been lying around
since a birthday years ago.
I cut the crepe up into about 2" chunks, twisted it around the end of a pen,
dabbed it on a teeny tiny glue dot and pounced the "R".

It takes awhile..
Put on a movie and relax, you're going to be at the table for a bit.
My biggest tip is do the outline first and the fill as needed.
You don't need to put one on every square inch
because the crepe is so full it covers a large space.

So.. I kind of did a new craft, but kind of did one
that I had tried decades ago..
Hope you love it!

And talking about love.. I love our entries this week!

I have been wanting to try this for awhile now,
and I am so inspired by her.
I love the words she choose and the typography is perfect!

I would love to have this box of bobbins by my sewing machine.
It is so fun and a great way to upcycle the box.

A wonderful way to try out a new feature on a sewing machine
and make a treasured dress.
I love it and the picture!

Well folks, we're close..
Just enlist 1 more crafter and I can start the gift giving!

Challenge #6
Who isn't effected by this awful weather,
wouldn't we all love to be somewhere else right about now?
You can craft about transportation, a travel destination..
anything related to being somewhere else..

Aren't these adorable?
I'd love one on my boring black suitcase!

Please leave your links on this post by next Tuesday at midnight (MTN)

Have fun of dreaming someplace warm!

***P.S. The CSI Project this week is typography,
ya'll should totally enter your projects on their Thursday link party***

Visit thecsiproject.comLinked up at the Crafty Chica!


laxsupermom said...

Cute! I love this idea! A monogram wreath is such a fun shape on a door. Thanks for sharing.

Krista@RustikChic said...

Very cute:)

Jenny Rodriguez said...

Thanks ladies! =D
So easy, just takes quite a bit of time..

I'm thinking of doing some small hearts at a play-date this week with the kiddos.

Anonymous said...

This week's WoW was very fitting for my life right now! I've been semi-stressed for no real effect of the Alaskan winters, I think. I've been craving sunshine, and would take a little warmth. Thankfully, I will actually be traveling in about a month as we are moving! I am sad that we didn't get to see more of AK, but am looking forward to some TX sun. While deciding what to pack for my suitcase, I realized that I have nothing good to put my jewelry in when I travel. So here it is, my travel theme craft for this week that will come in handy very soon...a jewelry cinch bag. I LOVE this fabric, and am so excited to show it off to my family! I might even use it for a non-travel jewelry holder! :)

There are three pics to view:

Looking forward to seeing everyone's submissions tomorrow!

Kathleen said...

Here's my project for WOW #6...

Jen, your jewelry bag looks great!

Anonymous said...

I just tried my link, and you only get one picture! Here is a link to that album:

Thank you Kathleen! I love your bags, too! I understand your need to take everything...just in case. The one time you don't take it all is when you need something! :) I like the fabrics that you chose! Are you one of those who likes black and whites? My mom's favorite color is black...because it makes other colors look pretty, she says.

Jenny Rodriguez said...

How fun - you both did fabulous bags!
Those are going on my to-do list!!

Anonymous said...

I followed this free tutorial if it would help:

Jenny Rodriguez said...

I love tutorials!!
Thank you for sharing =)


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