Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Results for WOW #6 - Details for #7

In the middle of a very cold winter, where do I want to be?
Blasting off to space!
No..not really.
I have a fear of large spaces and well outer space is kinda the king mother of too large a space.
But I do love space imagery!
So for my WOW craft challenge #6,
I did a free form appliqué of a retro rocket.
This picture makes it look much larger than it is.
It is only 5x7.
I'm thinking I may have to do a robot series for
my very best bestie's little boy.

We had 2 adorable entries this week.
And they both did bags, how funny is that?!
I guess you gals are seriously ready to travel.

We all know how I feel about functional art and this is perfect.
What a happy, beautiful home for prized possessions while you travel.
And I'm totally jealous of your stay in Alaska.
My hubby and I would love to some serious fishing up there!

I love the black and white motif.
So perfect how they are pulled together by the same lining fabric.
And boy can I relate to taking everything and then some on trips.
Even on an hour commute, if I'm not driving
I drag like 3 different craft projects.
This is a wonderful way to keep your items clean, safe, and beautiful.

Love them both!
Had hoped to have more wanderlust entries this week,
hopefully next week we will meet our 5 entries so I can give some crafty goodness.

Craft Challenge #7
spray paint * wood * fabric
Have at it!
Can't wait to see what you come up with this week..
And be careful with those spray paints during the winter;
even though it's cold be sure to get tons of ventilation!

These would be so fun to paint and make clothes for.
I think I would have to display them up high
or they would end up in Isa's doll collection..

Please leave your links to your creative goodness here by
next Tuesday at midnight (MTN)

Have fun!



Anonymous said...

Oh, no! I don't think I get to participate on this one. :( Since we are moving we aren't allowed to have anything like spraypaint in our boxes. The following week I should be moving and the next one after that, maybe I can get my G-ma and aunt to join in! I'll still be sure to post on my page like usual to see if I can enlist a friend. :)

I LOOOOVE your rocket picture! What fun! Maybe if I ever get some scap material built up I'll make a ballerina like that! :) Very cute!

Jenny Rodriguez said...

ACK! I totally spaced about your move. Good luck with that!

A ballerina picture would be adorable - my older daughter would love that!!

Safe travels..


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