Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Great Pumpkin

We were so excited this week to have our annual pumpkin patch trip. The ride over to the new patch was a little nerve wracking though. Each kid was melting down, the Hubby was on a sarcasm streak, and my anxiety was starting to run high..but as soon as we all bolted from the van, we had a great time!This new little farm had every pumpkin you could imagine! Isabelle had requested a green pumpkin and I had explained that they don't come in that color..but I was wrong!

There was red..
Beautiful Cinderella white..
And Isabelle's favorite color, green... and yes we have a green pumpkin on the front porch right now.
They even had some goats eating pumpkins.
I love going to the patch to pick out the pumpkins and getting some fall shots in. Well my kids had other plans.

Julie looked this way,

and that way..
Even with Big Sister nearby, we refused to cooperate...
Here's Isabelle with her precious green pumpkin.. And yup, inside our wheelbarrow is a red one too.
We tried to get a white one, but we just didn't have the muscle power ;o)
Finally! A great family picture! Where is Mom.. Oh well..
Picking out the perfect pumpkin is a very tough job..
OK. So I wished I had a "before" shot. You see this pumpkin down here? It had THE most beautiful stem, curvy, long, and incredible. I asked the Hubby to grab it for me as it was the perfect pumpkin for me. And he grabbed it by the beautiful delicate stem.. Humph.. That's the "after" shot..
Here is Hubby holding my 2nd choice - by the bottom and not the stem..

Hope ya'll are enjoying some fall traditions! What are your favorite things to do??


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