Friday, October 28, 2011

Sassy Scoops - Halloween GNO!

Had such a fun time at Sassy Scoop's Halloween night out this week. You can't go wrong with Diet Coke, yummy treats, and costumes - right?!I love meeting other fellow Utah bloggers! In the era of everything online, it's great to connect and unwind.. in person!

On top of the yummy treats and fun games, we learned more about the Jordan Valley Medical Center's new breast care facility. October is breast cancer awareness month and it's soo important to me to honor those that have fought any kind of cancer. Sadly, Utah is one of the lowest in the states for women getting their mammograms. Ladies, protect yourself and your loved ones - get checked & stay healthy!!

On to the fun treats! We had a cake walk and I was quite bummed that I did not win any of the Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes. We could try to guess how much candy was in the cutesy jars to win them. Sadly, I left before I found out who won all that yummy candy! I'm so bad at that game, but I just loved this display. My kiddos would go nuts over it! BUT, I did win a costume prize. I wore my over the top pink (in honor of breast cancer awareness) Lil' Bo Peep costume and won for my outstanding pinkness! And I was foiled again - I really wanted some of those Utah Truffles gift baskets, but I was too slow. I did however win a very warm vest that my husband quickly swiped from, whatever keeps him happy enough to let me out at night, right?

And here are some of the yummy treats those fabulous Sassy Scoops ladies served. The potstickers were SO delish!

I apologize for the lack of costume photos, but let me tell you that there were some fabulous ones! So good that I didn't always recognize my Twitter friends ;o) There was Flo from Progressive, a gumball machine, and the Queen of Hearts. Loved it!

Thank you so much Sassy Scoops for the fun party! It was a great night out..

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