Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Julie's Circus!

For awhile now I've planned on doing a circus for Julie's first birthday. And lucky me, it was a popular theme this year! There was tons of eye candy on Pinterest . I had way more ideas than time or money, but I did my best to make it a blast for the girls.

I won't even start about the heartbreak about my last baby turning 1, I'll just show you the fun we had! I'm pretty sure I did the party - decor,games, food, etc for under $200. I know for some that is a lot to spend, but parties are big in this house! We had over 30 people attend (almost half of which were toddlers and babies). I fully intended to throw everyone out in the back yard, but October weather in Utah is a fickle mistress. Of course after hours of preparation in the back, the clouds and wind were too much.. So with less than an hour before our first guest would arrive, we moved most of it inside. Nothing went as planned and I forgot tons of stuff, but it was perfect!
Easy peasy wreath for under $5.00!
I have loved The Silly Pearl's for sometime now and wanted to try a version of it.
It took a large hoop, 1 bag of party blowers, and some party hats.
And I hotglued it all in bed... tired and crafty, that was me..
The "prizes" came from Oriental Trading Company.
Lots of little knicky knac toys that you would find at a circus..

My mom (and Isabelle) really wanted cotton candy for the party,
but the machine rental was $45!
Instead we bought bags and bags and bags of it at the store.
Huge hit and 1/4 of the cost!!

There is cutie pie Big Sis helping to decorate.
Lots and lots of colorful streamers.
Get them at the dollar store and you can afford the rainbow!

Our house was covered in circus tickets, gumballs, and suckers.
The giant suckers were a great decoration and each child left with one.
Hire a clown?
With a dozen kiddlets, that's all the clown action you need!
Each child received a top hat, clown nose, huge glasses,
package of mustaches, and treat bag.
Most of the goodies again came from Oriental Trading Company.

There are the sweet little treat bags - stuffed with circus cookies,of course!

A great way to coordinate your party on a budget is to use printables.
A smokin' deal for $10!
It was the invitation, graphics for the favor bag,
graphics for the drinks and snacks, and the thank you note on the way.

And there's Isa with Grammy!
You can't have a circus party without peanuts!
I used the printables again to complete the fun look.
The paper straws were a splurge, but aren't they adorable?
I made a sherbet/7up punch that was a hit with the kiddos.

And the hit of the party?
The "popcorn" cupcakes!
Yummy,yummy,yummy.. and soooo adorable.
There are a million tutorials out there, but if you want one..let me know!
These are easy,easy,easy...but take awhile.
I made 3 dozen and it took over 2 hours..
Well worth the time, but just plan accordingly.
There is Angel Pie's cupcake.. Sunflowers are her signature flower..
Our easy, yummy circus buffet!
Chips, hotdogs, and watermelon..
Baby & I playing in the photo booth.
Just find a colorful fabric and some props!

My big girl!
My sweet mom made these insanely awesome skirts for the girls.
I appliqued on their shirts to pull the circus look together.
Grampy & the birthday girl.

Did you know you can buy a helium tank & balloons at Target?
You totally can!
Great decoration and each child got to take one home.
Julie had a ball with her cake!

After the party was done, we were exhausted and a little slap happy..

My mom & hubby in the photobooth.

Hubby & I keeping the romance alive clown style..
My hubby & his dad being silly.

We had a fabulous time and the girls were beyond happy.
Hope you were inspired by the circus that is our life!

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Unknown said...

so cute! Nice job!

mamamuniz said...

What a great, fun looking party! You did such an amazing job!

Jenny Rodriguez said...

Thanks ladies! We had a blast! It's too bad Julie won't remember, but I'm sure her big sis will remind her of all the fun we had..


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