Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Results for WOW #3 - Details for WOW #4

I hope ya'll were able to find some fun with 7 deadly sins.
Thanks to Urban Stitches, I was able to
hand embroider this beauty.
After stitching the picture all in black,
I then went back and "colored" in with fabric markers.
I had seen this technique done by Mary Engelbreit,
and I have been wanting to do it for months.
So much fun - a grown up's coloring book!

My sin could be interpreted in a number of ways.. wrath, envy, lust
It's all about the original temptation.

Love the thought and love the art.
This kind of nails who I am too..
I've always loved the country & the city.
Too, too cute!

The challenge this week is
to do a valentine and do not use pink or red!
I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Please leave your links here by Tuesday at midnight (MTN).
It can be anything..quilt, food, photography, etc..

If we can get 5 crafters to enter,
the prize this week will be a


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Here is a link to my Valentine. Does it count if I make it on the computer? It was fun to do either way! :)

Jenny Rodriguez said...

Absolutely! I love it :D
I would love to see it made up as an embroidery - so cute!

Anonymous said...

I win! Hehe! Was I the only one who posted? :( Boo.

Next week, I'm posting a link to your blog to try and get someone else to join in. I've been following your blog since the first challenge, just never got around to completing one.

Hopefully one of my friends will join in. :)

Jenny Rodriguez said...

It ends tomorrow night at midnight.. we shall see!
And yes invite your friends!!

Kathleen said...

Here's mine...
Now I have to go check out Jen's!

Kathleen said...

Very cute Jen. I agree with Jennifer... looks like it would be a great embroidery project.

Jenny Rodriguez said...

Love it Kathleen!
I love it as a banner, and it would be adorable done individually as coasters too :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, good...I was a day ahead for some reason. :) I was hoping to see lots of entries for this one. It is a fun challenge!

Ooh, Kathleen, I like yours! Very cute! How big is it? I think that would be cute as a wall hanging by the front door. :)


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