Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cupcake Topper Swap

So I've started a line of cupcake toppers and they are sooo addicting! So addicting in fact that I've created a swap over at Swap Bot. I've opened it up to newbies, so here's your chance!

The title is Handcrafted Cupcake Toppers - Newbies Welcome. The swap is a set of (8) handcrafted toppers to one partner. And this is international - how fun!!

Hope you'll come join us!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Baby Fun

I must be better about blogging! I have to say this year has been such an adventure with having our first baby. I'm constantly drawn more to creating baby related items, but I'm sure that probably is not a big surprise! And I've been sucked into Etsy. Once you start posting on there, there seems to be a magnet to pull you in :0)

One of my newest items is the Belle Baby Combo. It comes with a nursing cover, 2 soft burp cloths, and a matching wipe case.
I had originally made the set as baby shower gift for my friend Brooke, and it got some attention that I decided to make more! I'll be posting more styles later this week.

We are also offering baby shower cupcake toppers! Of course we can do any theme, but those storks and baby carriages call to me...

Friday, July 11, 2008

A Coupon and ATC

In honor of my little munchkin turning 4 months this week, I am going to offer a discount on all Belle Paperie sales. Just mention "Isabelle" and receive 20% off the total. This will be good till the end of August. Not having a wedding? No problem, we do more than weddings! We can create party invites, personal stationery sets, and individual cards!

And I'm just loving Swap-Bot! I made my first ATC's for trade! Here is one of them:

Gotta love ATC's! They are a great way to inspire yourself for bigger projects. And I actually make mine on top of playing cards :-) So go join.. who knows you might ending up swapping with moi!

Monday, July 7, 2008


I am officially changing Sassafrass Creations back into its original purpose. A cool website for me to showcase handcrafted items to sell. I can't believe I've been in business for 5 years!! I still remember the excitement of creating the site. Unfortunately I got caught up in making $$$ and lost sight of why I started it.

So for now almost all the retail inventory has been removed. I'm keeping Jing Jang - cause I love it, and ya'll do too! I had hoped to restock my Mama Coco, but their website has vanished!! I'll be stocking a few other retail goodies that I love and that are hard to find. If you have a favorite and think I should love it too, let me know!

The site looks pretty bare right now. I have the baby bundlers up and well be adding more stuff every week. I know I'll lose some of my customers with the change, but I hope to add new ones.. and it's a wonderful feeling to return to my dream!!!


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