Monday, October 25, 2010

Amen, Isabelle

This year Isabelle started a pre pre-school at a local church.
She has learned so much and loves it so much.

We can not say enough positive enough things about this experience for her.
Every once in awhile she'll break out in a new song, sentence, or dance
that we are pretty sure she learned at school.

The latest is especially sweet.
Out of nowhere yesterday,
Isabelle told T and I,
"God is great, God is good.
Let us thank him for this food.

Amen, Isabelle, Amen.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


How do I excuse my looonnngg absence?
In a single, sweet word - Creampuff
Nope not the yummy dessert treat, the yummy new addition to our family!

Our darling Juliette was born early this October.
(after 5 weeks of pre-term labor)
Yup, that's right!
5 weeks of daily contractions, bed rest, and stress.
((Thanks to my folks for staying 2 months to help us survive!!))

However Mother Nature agreed that 5 weeks of "labor" is just mean,
and I had an EASY delivery!
3 pushes and she was in our arms.

We are so much in love with her.
Isabelle has become the best sister ever!
And my recovery has been easy, peasy - so we've been doing lots of fun activities!

Our first trip outside the house.
We went to Daybreak to feed the ducks!

Lots of sleeping (well, Juliette has been..)

Our first visit with friends!

Our trip to the pumpkin patch at Wheeler Farm.

And a trip to the Zoo with Daddy & our playgroup.

I'm so in love and so happy being a mom to 2 beautiful girls
that I will probably put off re-opening my Etsy store till November.


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