Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's Done, It's Done!!

It is called "Vertigo" and was inspired by one of my
all time favorite Hitchcock movies.. Vertigo.

It was a beast!
I love it, but I'm very happy to put it to rest...

The Hunt

Can I tell you that I'm in love.

I was absolutely planning on selling this on Etsy.

I can't do it.

There on the bed it will reside for the Easter holiday.

Don't fret, I'm not completely selfish.

I'll be making a few more in this style as

stretched wall art or postcards.

Love, Love,Love..

Hope you do too!!
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A Marvelous Mess


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Results for WoW #13 and tutorial - Details for #14..

I love Easter candy.
I love Peeps.
For this challenge I decided to show my love
for the marshmallow goodness.

I didn't set out to go the route of kitsch,
but I ended there.
And really, I think it is appropriate for the neon sugar candy!

What do you need?
*2 packages of Peeps (you could probably use one,but um..some were eaten..)
*a heart foam wreath form (! buy 2, I have a fab-u-lous
Mom's Day wreath in the works.. and you'll need one!)
*a yard or so off BRIGHT tulle
*spray varnish (you don't really need this..but I did)
*hot glue

1.) Wrap your heart form with ribbon.
It doesn't need to be perfect at all, it's just to cover the majority of the foam.

^ See - not perfect all ...don't worry!

2.) Hot glue peeps on to form.
Keep in mind - it's HOT and you're working with marshmallows.
Yup.. I got burned a few times.
Feel free to use a different type of adhesive that is not hot..
Here is the back of the wreath when I was done.
I added another string of glue on the back between the Peeps and form.

That was going to be it.. but it looked really sad and bare.
I tried to glue some brown moss around them,
but that was way too natural for the Peeps.

It was like Rhett Butler in "Gone With the Wind" when he makes
Scarlett wear the garish red dress to Ashley's birthday party.
I had to go bright, I had to go loud.
I went with hot pink tulle

So on to step 3.)
Cut large hunks of pink tulle and hot glue behind the Peeps.

Easter kitsch wreath at its best..
Now even the UPS guy knows my love for this gooey goodness...

**What about the varnish?
I sprayed the Peeps with it, but it didn't make them hard.
It just stunk really bad..
After one night outside on your door, they will be hard and perfect!

Be sure to check it out for a more classic look.
I love the tulle and glitter!

Craft Challenge #14
If I'm itching for spring, I'm not sure what my toddler is!
I can't wait for summer picnics.
Soo... the theme this week is - "BUGS"
Ants, butterflies, caterpillars..

Want to join in on the WoW fun?
Add your link below with my *new* linky tool
Having trouble? Let me know!
You have till midnight of next Tuesday

Iron Craft 13 - Animals

On Iron Craft this week, we were tasked with the theme of animals.
Well..right now all I can think about is Spring!
Here is my mug rug of a chocolate bunny.

What's a mug rug?
Oh it's a fabulous little gift I finally heard about earlier this month.
It's a coaster for your cuppa' joe and some cookies!

Want some more inspiration?
Search "mug rug" on Flickr, Pinterest, or Google and
you'll have a plethora of ideas.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

What Is It They Say About A Closed Hand?

At some point in my life I heard or read a quote
basically saying that if your hand is closed, it can not receive.
Makes sense right?

I started my own business in 2004!
Initially I wanted to make all kinds of handcrafted goods to sell on my own website.
I got greedy and started selling mass produced goods instead.
I spent A LOT of money on buying wholesale items.
I lost sight of my goal.
I had wanted to be an artist since I was a child.
I had quickly given my life long dream over
for the idea of more money in my bank.
And I only sank into a deep dark hole of debt.

After I was first married, I started my 2nd business venture,
"Belle Paperie" - a custom stationery store.
It did really awesome while I lived in AZ.
I had tons of clients and lots of money coming in.
But I still didn't get the importance of budgets and
the reality of credit debt.
After we moved to UT and that business dissolved,
I somehow morphed into my current
All Things Belle.

And I love what I do
I love making photography props for babies and toddlers.
I love seeing how adorable they look in pictures
and I take pride in knowing I made it with my own hands.

But honestly I still have been motivated by money.
I have needed money to pay debt
and I needed a way to make money & still be home with my girls.
So every time I came up with some great crafty idea,
my first instinct was to find a way to make it and SELL IT!
I knew lots of blogs with tutorials and freebies,
but I held on to my knowledge.
I felt like I had to make money off anything and everything.
I haven't been happy.

Today for the first time in over a decade..and maybe more
I have no credit debt.
Granted I have money I need to pay back.
But not to a creditor.
Can I tell you how amazing that feels?

And that is why starting this past year
you have seen more tutorials and freebies on my blog.
I no longer feel chained by the neck to my debt
and I WANT to give away everything I know.

I am keeping the store open,
like I said.. I still have bills and loans to pay back.
But you will see a move towards one of a kind items and art,
less photography props & accessories.
Because people, it's been my dream to be an artist.
And thanks to those that love me - I now have that chance.

I hope that you will welcome me on my new path
because it feels like for the first time I am on the right path.

I hope you will find my blog to be generous in ideas, freebies, and more.

Thank you to my readers.
And above all, thank you to my family for helping me find my way.

My hand and heart are open..

Final Project For Project Quilting

My mini art quilt is a 18" square.

My final piece for Project Quilting was inspired by the devastation in Japan. Sadly in addition to the immediate loss of loved ones and homes, there is also the loss of historical artifacts and destruction to sacred land. My quilt is about Japan piecing their lives and history back together.

My required large print is a traditional Japanese scene of young women with umbrellas. I cut the print up and removed a few pieces. They were fused on to a striped fabric - the striped fabric included shades orange brown for land and blue for water. I also add irregular shaped pieces of additional orange brown and blue fabric to symbolize the earthquake and tsunami.

The piece was then quilted in numerous horizontal lines. These quilted lines helped create a cohesive look, bringing the pieces of the original print back together. When you stand back from the quilt, it is not immediately obvious that the fabric was cut. It is only when you get closer that you notice the cracks and separations.

It was bound in the same deep blue to symbolize the water surrounding Japan.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Peek-A-Boo, How Cute Are You!

You have been warned - the cute factor is about to explode.
Are you ready?
Remember - you were warned!

OK,OK I can not take credit for this fabulous idea.
One of my favorite bloggers, Serenity Now
has totally encouraged me to use my Pazzle more (Check out her Cutting Parties!!)

A cute modern shade with a vinyl frame
but wait there's more..

How flippin' cute is this bunny silhouette for Easter??
Lovin it!
And Isabelle plays with it nonstop..

The details..

I bought ^ that lamp up there for $10 clearance at Target.
((Run to your local one and check out the sale end caps!))

I used images from Silhouette
(hence no freebies today -sorry!!)
and cut them out on my Pazzle with a black vinyl.

Stuck them on!
Frame on the outside and bunny centered on the inside.

I fully intend to change this lamp monthly with new adorable-ness!!

Weekend Bloggy Reading Linking up to Tatertots & Jello!


Running with Glitter

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Riley Blake, You Had Me At Hello!

They were looking for pictures of apparel items with their fabric.
Um, hello - I would love to make a cute apparel item with your fabric!

Here is what I made Miss Isabelle

I love it!
She loves it!
The faux smocking is created with elastic - adorable..
And the patchwork is of her two favorite colors - green & pink..

I'll find out next week if I'm a finalist,
and if I am then I will be begging for votes!

The grand prize is a bike,
and with my Little Red Riding Hood event in June..
I need a bike!
I've got my toes, fingers, and eyes crossed!!

Instant Giveaway!

This week a little girl I love very much,
had a loss that has broke her heart.

I wanted very much to know that she was smiling again,
so I did what I do.
I make something.

She loves Twilight.
Like a lot.
A lot, a lot.
I hope she equally loves this Twilight blood red decal I made for her.

Do you love Twilight too?
be the first person to comment on this post and it's yours baby!
It is blood red and apx. 3" x12"

Good luck!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Easter Decor for less than $5!

On the CSI Project this week we were tasked
with creating a craft for less than $5.
Easy peasy!

I had all of this in my inventory room, but it will cost you less than $5 brand new.

What do you need?

*Styrofoam eggs - $2.19 for 4 here
*Colorful BUT cheap thread that you should never, ever put in your machine - .99 cents

What do you do?

Call your mama or other girlfriend for a good hour long chitty chat,
and wrap thread around the Styrofoam egg until you can no longer see Styrofoam!

Hate Styrofoam?
You can do it with last years Easter eggs.

What do you do with them?

Stack them in a super cute basket, vase, name it!

Love easy crafts - Love having money in my wallet!

And yes these were absolutely inspired by the Temari balls I did for last week's WoW!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Results for WoW #12 and tutorial - Details for #13

The news in Japan is so heartbreaking.
It feels lately that our news goes from one tragedy to the next.
If you can, please donate to one of the devasted countries,
sadly there are many to choose from right now.

It is too easy for me to be bogged down in the sadness,
so I try to find a creative outlet.
Well this isn't what I planned on making,
I had grand designs for an appliqued quilt for a dear friend's daughter.
However, my girls revolted this week.
I think I can count on 1 hand the amount of time I've had to work/craft.

So.. the quilt will have to wait until my girls are pacified.
For this challenge, I tried Temari.
Wow, it is harder than it looks!
The tutorial warned that a live class would be more effective.
Try your hand at it and let me know how it goes for you.


I love the the clean lines and modern look.
It is amazing how traditional crafts can easily fit into our world.
Thank you so much for sharing - I will definitely try my hand at this too.

Even if you didn't enter a project, I hope you were inspired to
look more into the the traditional crafts of Japan.
During such a time of upheaval, I think it is important
to grasp the roots of the past for future generations.

Craft Challenge #13
Do you smell it? Easter candy is in the air!!
Yum, yum, yummy!
What is your favorite?
Jelly beans, PEEPS, Cadbury eggs?
Well craft it!
This week's theme is Easter candy..
Even if you don't celebrate the holiday, I bet you buy some of the delicious candy..

Want some inspiration?
You have to check out these recipes.. Wow, serious diet killers!

Want to join in on the fun?
Leave your yummy links in the comments on this post
by midnight of next Tuesday.
Need more details?

Iron Craft 12

The challenge this week on Iron Craft was to create something
inspired by "lucky".
Since St. Patrick's Day had passed, I tried to think outside the box.
And lead me to a bigger box, Julie's bedroom!

Her room is over the top cute cowgirl!
Shades of pink and brown abound, with lots of Riley Blake fabric..
I decided that I would break out the Pazzle again
(it's actually starting to make itself at home on one of my craft tables)
and cut out some horseshoes.

I used Silhouette's brown velveteen vinyl.
So soft and yummy...but one teeny complaint..
It doesn't adhere as nice as the other vinyls.
Luckily the horseshoes around the clock have stuck!

There ya go partner - a little luck, country style!

Want to make it for your half pint?
Here are some FREE downloads for ya
(personal use of course)

Serenity Now Crafty Cutter Party


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