Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What Symbrachydactyly Can Look Like at 5

A few times each year, I receive emails from families that have found my blog while researching Symbrachydactyly. My eldest daughter was born with it and while I don't discuss it much on the blog, I'm always open to discussing it. In fact, at any time you can click on the "Symbrachydactyly" link on the top of my blog to learn more or of course you can email me.

Why don't I mention it much? Honestly, it just doesn't come up much in our lives. The first year of Kiddo's life was dotted with visits to hand surgeons and specialists. I joined every limb different group I could find and researched a ton. I grieved, I questioned my actions while pregnant and then I came to terms with it. After that year, well yeah life went on. 

I could write pages on the all things my Kiddo can do, but it would be easier to maybe highlight the few challenges. She can't do monkey bars (I never could either and I have 10 full fingers). She has some trouble carrying very large objects. And that about wraps it up..seriously. She is at the very top of her class and has reached milestones beyond her 5 years. Am I worried about her? When I have worries or struggles in regards to Kiddo, they are the very same I have for her siblings. 

On Kiddo's 5th birthday she received a *pink* BB gun and real archery set (no suction cup arrows here!) My husband is a hunter - born and raised.. and so will my children. That's the start and end of my words on that matter. Rather, I'm incredibly proud of watching my daughter wield both her gun and bow without any issues in regards to her special hand. My husband is training her now to use both, but once she turns 6 she will be taking professional classes as well. The pride she exudes is contagious and whips the breath right out of me. She is truly in her element and is so very comfortable in her skin. It is quite simply magical to watch my husband and daughter when they are practicing.

How does symbrachydactyly look at age 5? 
It looks beautiful, confident and inspiring!


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