Sunday, November 21, 2010


First cookies of the 2010 season with Isabelle!

Because she doesn't care if they are fancy,
she cares only that *she* made them!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's Not Too Late To Vote

Well, it's not too late to vote for me at least!
I'm entering into Michael's Crafting Contest
and here is my Week 1 Entry.

The premise is to create a craft with 3 mystery craft items each week.
This week it was: ornaments, beads, and ribbon.

My girls of course were my inspiration!
A faux fur created wreath (Isa adores fur!!)
A pearl bracelet to hang it up on the door.
And decked out in pink boa feathers, platinum, and more pearls!

Want to help me win a crafty cruise?
First you need to have a Facebook account
(you have one don't you??)
You can search for me by name (Jennifer R.)
and if you click "like", you'll be doing me a huge favor!

Thanks so much!
Want to know how to make the wreath?
Want a tutorial?
Let me know and I'll post one up!


Friday, November 12, 2010


When Isabelle was born, I created a mini quilt for her every month.
Now that Juliette is here, I don't have the same amount time to devote to both girls, but I really wanted to continue with little monthly gifts for both of them.

For November, I knew that I wanted to make them hairbows with matching shirts.
My mom and I think it's pretty cute to dress them alike,
and well since soon enough I'm sure they won't let us - we have to take advantage now!

The hairbows were super easy. Just some felt, ribbon, and hot glue.
(My husband said they looked like the NBC peacock..husbands..)

And the tees were super easy too!
There is an Etsy seller that makes shirts with turkeys on monograms,
but I thought it was super cute on the "T".
T for turkeys.. and my girls are turkeys!

Want to make them?
Need help?
Let me know and I'll post a tutorial.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Open, Open, Open

What new ideas and items are on the horizon?

Photography props for kiddos, tweens, and teens.
Sultry items for boudoir photo shoots.
And of course I was inspire to do lots of maternity props!

Right now I'm at a 2 week lead time
(I'm still figuring out how to wrangle 2 under the age of 3
and I still need lots of cuddle time with Creampuff)

Let the Holiday rush enfold!!

20% off until Dec 1st for those that mention
in the notes to seller
(discount made via Paypal refund)



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