Monday, October 31, 2011

Rapuzel, Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair

I'm guesting posting on The CSI Project today!

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The Van Leeuwen Family said...

I fb'd about the giveaway - tried tagging you but my phone wouldn't let me :(

Happy Halloween!

Come link up your costume pictures! I would love to see how you are celebrating!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Forget the Tricks, Give Me the Treats!

We've had such a busy week. Each year it seems that the months October through January fly by at an even faster rate! I've been extremely busy with some exciting work projects, but have been missing that extra quality time with my girls. On a rare quiet day, I was able to take Isabelle with me to enjoy our first spa day together. As you can tell, she was more than a little excited. I think it's safe to say that we've ruined her and all future haircuts will be at the salon!
After having our hair trimmed and styled up, it was time for our pedicures! Isabelle has always been fascinated by painted nails. Here she is getting her legs ready to be pampered.

And we ended up getting super fabulous pedicures - glitter toes! Isabelle's toes are now blue & green with a ton of glittery sparkle. It is perfect to match her mermaid costume for Halloween.
Loved spending this long relaxing morning with my little girl. I hope that our first spa day is a special memory she'll always remember.

This week, I also shipped my Halloween gift to my mother. Much to her surprise, the Glinda shoes were always intended for her mantle and not mine.

I also gave her my Feeling Stitchy free motion embroidery. I fell in love with this design the instant I saw it and knew my mom would love it too.
Last but certainly not least, it is my aunt's 65th birthday this year! And to make it extra special, she is retiring from being a nurse. She is such an amazing woman and I'm so happy she can now spend some time relaxing. I crocheted this prayer shawl for her. It came out a little more "granny" than I had intended, but I know my aunt will love and appreciate it.
We are gearing up for Halloween and I can't wait to reveal our costumes. Be sure to stop by the blog tomorrow to see our Ecard. I'll also host a link up for you to reveal your costumes as well.

Happy Haunting!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sassy Scoops - Halloween GNO!

Had such a fun time at Sassy Scoop's Halloween night out this week. You can't go wrong with Diet Coke, yummy treats, and costumes - right?!I love meeting other fellow Utah bloggers! In the era of everything online, it's great to connect and unwind.. in person!

On top of the yummy treats and fun games, we learned more about the Jordan Valley Medical Center's new breast care facility. October is breast cancer awareness month and it's soo important to me to honor those that have fought any kind of cancer. Sadly, Utah is one of the lowest in the states for women getting their mammograms. Ladies, protect yourself and your loved ones - get checked & stay healthy!!

On to the fun treats! We had a cake walk and I was quite bummed that I did not win any of the Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes. We could try to guess how much candy was in the cutesy jars to win them. Sadly, I left before I found out who won all that yummy candy! I'm so bad at that game, but I just loved this display. My kiddos would go nuts over it! BUT, I did win a costume prize. I wore my over the top pink (in honor of breast cancer awareness) Lil' Bo Peep costume and won for my outstanding pinkness! And I was foiled again - I really wanted some of those Utah Truffles gift baskets, but I was too slow. I did however win a very warm vest that my husband quickly swiped from, whatever keeps him happy enough to let me out at night, right?

And here are some of the yummy treats those fabulous Sassy Scoops ladies served. The potstickers were SO delish!

I apologize for the lack of costume photos, but let me tell you that there were some fabulous ones! So good that I didn't always recognize my Twitter friends ;o) There was Flo from Progressive, a gumball machine, and the Queen of Hearts. Loved it!

Thank you so much Sassy Scoops for the fun party! It was a great night out..

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When Is A Rock Cozy, Not Just A Rock Cozy?

Want the scoop on these rocks?
I'm guest posting at the fabulous blog of Kass Hall..

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Great Pumpkin

We were so excited this week to have our annual pumpkin patch trip. The ride over to the new patch was a little nerve wracking though. Each kid was melting down, the Hubby was on a sarcasm streak, and my anxiety was starting to run high..but as soon as we all bolted from the van, we had a great time!This new little farm had every pumpkin you could imagine! Isabelle had requested a green pumpkin and I had explained that they don't come in that color..but I was wrong!

There was red..
Beautiful Cinderella white..
And Isabelle's favorite color, green... and yes we have a green pumpkin on the front porch right now.
They even had some goats eating pumpkins.
I love going to the patch to pick out the pumpkins and getting some fall shots in. Well my kids had other plans.

Julie looked this way,

and that way..
Even with Big Sister nearby, we refused to cooperate...
Here's Isabelle with her precious green pumpkin.. And yup, inside our wheelbarrow is a red one too.
We tried to get a white one, but we just didn't have the muscle power ;o)
Finally! A great family picture! Where is Mom.. Oh well..
Picking out the perfect pumpkin is a very tough job..
OK. So I wished I had a "before" shot. You see this pumpkin down here? It had THE most beautiful stem, curvy, long, and incredible. I asked the Hubby to grab it for me as it was the perfect pumpkin for me. And he grabbed it by the beautiful delicate stem.. Humph.. That's the "after" shot..
Here is Hubby holding my 2nd choice - by the bottom and not the stem..

Hope ya'll are enjoying some fall traditions! What are your favorite things to do??

Thursday, October 20, 2011

SLC Modern Quilt Guild

I'm not sure how long I've been a member of the SLC Modern Quilt Guild, but I do know that I've never, ever been able to attend. Between the Hubby's schedule and my kiddos, it just never worked out. I decided that this had to be a priority. Luckily even though it's been a rough, sick Baby week, my husband *gets* that yes this is fun, but it's also work related.. So I finally attended and will hopefully be at all the future gatherings as well.

Last night we had a demonstration of diamonds..

Check out these amazing, narrow diamonds!

I've never considered a diamond based project before, but I was super excited to go home and try one.

The lighting & my camera were not getting along, but let me tell you that this argyle quilt was nothing short of AMAZING! I love this look for a quilt to give a man.. Hmm... Wonder if my Pops likes argyle.. The quilt was made by Kati of From The Blue Chair.
What a warm, welcoming guild! I had so much fun and took home quite a few goodies thanks to the ladies of The Sewing Summit..

Can't wait for the next meeting!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hooked on The Quilted Fish

This past year when I went to Quilt Market, I was knocked out by The Quilted Fish's booth. I bought a TON of patterns and basically just wanted to move in! I was more than a little thrilled when I found out that Amanda, the brainchild of The Quilted Fish, was in my creative guild. She is sooo sweet and hasn't placed a restraining order on me even though I probably have emailed her more than her own mom. I just adore her designs would *love* to learn from her. THEN I found out she also designed fabric for one of my most favorite companies, Riley Blake. And sure enough, when I checked out my fabric studio I had TONS from her line..

Last night she threw a party launching her new line, Delighted. And yes it is *delightful*! The colors are cheerful and bright. I have tons of ideas and can't wait to get my hands on it! Oh and the party? Shear delight...

Cozy little entrance into the party
Check out that garland! Love it - great idea for scraps..

Sweet packages of Delightful fabric for everyone!

The focus pieces in the room were shut the door fabulous!

Don't you just want to dive in and play?!

And the yummies were soo good!
Creamy soups, toasted cheese sandwiches, cupcakes, and cookies!!
Win fabric? Yes,please!

More fabric fun!
And a peek of what's to come..
Amanda rocks!
Loving that truck!
I may have to paper piece an auto design soon..
Don't mind me while I curl up and relax..
THE Quilted Fish!
Yummy candies.. It's possible I had a few scoops of Swedish fish..
I tried to convince Amanda that she didn't want to lug all that
fabric back home..
Super adorable centerpieces..
A photobooth with Quilted Fish photo props!

Make & takes galore...
More fabric inspiration..

There I am with some of my friends & fellow fabric hoarders..
P.S. My hair looked SO much cuter in person, oy...
A dollhouse dolled up with Delighted!

More photos of some amazing, creative people ..
We were also the last people to leave..
Sorry Amanda, it was too much fun!!

What can I say? Drooling over fabric, fun make & takes, candy, yummy food, and awesome friends that share the love..

Amanda, you & your line are truly..yes, delightful..


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