Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Need TeePee For My...

I need TP for my pumpkins, you silly ol' readers. Though kudos to you if you get my Beavis reference ;o)

Have a toddler in need of something to do? Want a new way to make a cute pumpkin?
Grab that itchy roll of TP no one wants to use.. and read on!

What do you need?
*A fresh roll of TP
*A fat quarter of fabric
*Some extra batting, smaller than your fat quarter
*A jumbo twig

What do you do?
You layer it as the image shows above, and ya stuff it all in!
That's it!

Here's Kiddo with her pumpkins. Sorry for the blurry image, but playing with these pumpkins is MUCH more fun than posing with them..
Love my stem? It's a real pumpkin stem! Now before you go to your local pumpkin farm in the middle of night to scalp some stems, here's the deal. Wait till Halloween is over and ask nicely =) You can't even use them yet anyways.. Let them sit out and dry for weeks and weeks. Don't put them airtight in a ziploc unless you want to see a science experiment... Sure, ask me how I know..
And next year you will have these AMAZING stems to craft with.. I'm going to be making a few velvet pumpkins for my Thimbles & Threads class attendees ;o)

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Hip Chick 52 said...

Pretty darn cute! It looks like Isabelle was quite a fan of this craft, too.


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