Sunday, February 27, 2011

His Veins Run Blue

Project Quilting

My piece, "His Veins Run Blue", is inspired by my husband. and of course our theme the hardware store.

It is a mini art quilt - 6.5" x 7.5"

When I visited the store for inspiration, I thought about how the only times I go to Lowe's or Home Depot is when my husband needs something. More than half the week he is a white collar electrical engineer, but if he had it his way everyday his hands would be dirty from a blue collar job.

The items I was inspired by were the blades (the silver points on the quilt), the denim (the Wrangler emblem),

and red bandannas.

I did the white frame to symbolize the white collar that boxes in my husband while

the blue collar elements are trying to sneak out.

I embellished with lots of topstitching - similar to what you would see on shirts and jeans - including using my serger.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Busy Busy..

I have no less than 5 parties to pull off in the next 2 weeks.
Jules has her baptism and Isabelle turns 3.

The house is a cluttered mess, the girls won't nap,
and I'm falling behind on Etsy orders.
What is a girl to do?

Surf the net of course!

I found these two awesome local events!

I put a vendor entry this morning and finger crossed.
I swore off trade shows when I closed up Belle Paperie,
but this might be the closest thing to indie that we will get here in Utah.

The Art Market Utah looks like another great event.
I wish I had known about this just a few weeks ago
when they had their February event.

So much good stuff! I can't believe we have been here for almost 5 years
and there are still treasures unknown to me.

Okay well.. My to-do list is biting my ankles..
or maybe that's my sugar hyper toddler..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Results for WOW #8 - Details for #9

I'm so bummed that my photos are soo sub par this week,
but it's been a nut house here with kiddos sick again.
This was an amazing quick project and super cute!

I bought a cheapo small toddler t-shirt from Hobby Lobby.
Embroidered the "lucky charm" from Embroitique.
(If you have questions on how to embroider on a ready made item,
just holler and I will try to help!)

With the same green plaid that I used for the shamrock applique,
I cut a very long 2" strip and serged both edges.
I then ran the strip through my ruffler and
sewed it to the bottom of the shirt.

The top was looking awfully sad and commercial,
so I chopped off the arms and added more green plaid as a seam binding.
(The picture of Isa in the dress is before I added the seam binding)

Super quick, super cute
for my little "lucky" charm!

Loved the entries this week!

I would love a tutorial on how you are able to combine
these two art mediums!

I can't wait to see the finished project!
Such a great way to combine family history and art.

That looks like so much fun and it would be fabulous
to add to an ATC!

Craft Challenge #9
Something spiritual
Whether you're Mormon, Catholic, Pagan, or Atheist.
Celebrate the spiritual side of your life...

Our family has a complicated spiritual path,
but this next week we are having Jules baptized.
I'll have lots pictures and projects!

If we can round up some more crafters and 5 entries,
the prize this coming week will be
((If you don't celebrate Easter,
you can pick out a different banner from Bekahjennings of equal value))

Weekend Bloggy Reading


Iron Craft #8

The theme this week was hometown.
I was born and mostly raised in Southern California.
One of my most favorite parts of growing up in Orange County,
was being so close to the ocean.

((I apologize for the bad pics this week..
juggling the sick kiddos leaves mere minutes for picture taking..))

My quilt is a mosaic of sky,sea,and sand.
Each piece is cut, fused, and then free motion quilted.

I'm also going to be entering this into
AAQ's quilt competition.

Later today..

Both babes are sick...

I'll post my Iron Craft & Wow later today..

Right now I'm needed as a safety blanket, kleenex, and tv remote..

Monday, February 21, 2011

Inspiration From The Past

A couple years ago I had a bakery shop on Etsy.
I found an amazing restaurant that was willing to lease me
time in their kitchen during their off hours.

It was such a success - I even had an appearance on the local news
within my first month of business.
But family comes first.
With the commute, Isabelle, and my other Etsy shop..
I had to close down.

But here is a peek of what I made for that St. Patty's day news appearance.

You could easily do this with any electronic cutter.
I use the Pazzle, though I have some unrequited love for the Silhouette.

Super easy to personalize those treats for any holiday!

Serenity Now Crafty Cutter Party

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Peek at New Hat!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Little Things

One of my favorite blogs, Grosgrain Fabulous
has been doing a feature on some of the large must- haves as a DIY'er.
I have agreed I think with each one.
I think some of the littlest things can make or break your final project.

1. Buy *GOOD* thread.
Why are you buying $10/yard fabric and sewing on a fancy machine
if you buy crap thread?
It is honestly what keeps sewn projects together.
So please, buy good thread.

My machine adores Sulky. It really skunks up when I buy cheap stuff..

*P.S. Thread does go does, I swear!
Please toss the old thread too..

2. Learn how to correctly wield your glue gun.
The glue gun is a fabulous invention,
but there are some preferred ways of using it.

Also, it makes such a difference if you go back and clean up
the dreaded glue gun strings.

I'll be back with more next week..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Come join the fun & tell your friends!

Results for WOW #7 - Details for #8

Wood, spray paint, and fabric?
You bet!

This challenge was a little daunting,
but then I had an light bulb flash earlier this week.

I had been seeing miniature beds used as infant photography props
for awhile now, but I wanted to do something that had more versatility.

I have a gazillion variations going in my mind,

So cute as a prop for chunky cherubs like Jules,
and still big enough for toddlers like Isa.
I can't wait to see in this shoot with a tiny newborn.
So fun!!

Craft Challenge #8
Could be a horseshoe, lucky charm.. you name it, you craft it!

The prize this week if we can (5) entries is

Lucky, Lucky

Here is my latest creation doing free form embroidery.

And you get can lucky too!
Use coupon code "lucky" at AllThinsgBelle
till the end of March to receive 15% off.

Visit thecsiproject.comLinking up at the Tatertots & Jello Weekend Wrap Up

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Mother Never Forgets

Many and not so many of you know
that I lost a pregnancy two Octobers ago.
It was early on, but when I saw that pink positive sign
I gave my heart away.
And it broke that October.

We conceived again just a few months later with Juliette.
And she was born the following October.
It was the most amazing, bittersweet full circle I had
encountered in my life.
I could not have my amazing, sweet Jules had I not lost the pregnancy.
But a mother never forgets..

For this week's Project Quilting and my first entry into AAQ,
I present "A Mother Never Forgets"

Myself with my two girls
forever linked to our angel baby.

Weekend Bloggy Reading

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eccentric Elf to Swine Lake

I can't pass up a good deal.
And I can't pass up a good crafty challenge.
So when Christmas was over and Target put this on clearance

I instantly remembered how Isabelle was in desperate need of a piggy bank!
One of her grandmothers likes to give her cash
and for awhile now it's been getting stashed in random places.

I bought it with the intention to paint it and give it to her as a birthday gift.
Because seriously this picture is too kind.
The pig looks like it fell into toxic waste..
(My apologies to those that bought it at full cost and love it..)

It's been waiting for me in a very long line of projects that I may get to.
Then CSI 's week's challenge was honeysuckle.
And sure, I did Julie's WHOLE nursery in honeysuckle,
but I HAD to make something new of course..

So here is Ecentric Elf transformed into Swine Lake


It's a little 80's Madonna-ish,
but Isabelle will howl over it.
And that is all that matters, right?


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Warning - Sweet Factor Reaching Maximum!

OK.. I had no foresight into the possible Project Run & Play themes
otherwise I would not have made
Isabelle's first Valentine dress a couple themes ago.

What to do??
Well several friends suggested making a dress for their little girl.
And I'd be happy to, but usually there are tons of little revisions
that require fittings.
((Even my bestest bestie suggested I make a dress for
her little boy..he's just that darn!))

And I'm addicted.
I couldn't miss a week.
I am learning so much by forcing myself out of my comfort zone
and creating these items without a pattern.

This week is my favorite outfit!
Her sweet black velvet tank and silky bubble skirt
is all Valentine in my book.
She looks ready for a special dance with her Prince Daddy.

Results for WOW #6 - Details for #7

In the middle of a very cold winter, where do I want to be?
Blasting off to space!
No..not really.
I have a fear of large spaces and well outer space is kinda the king mother of too large a space.
But I do love space imagery!
So for my WOW craft challenge #6,
I did a free form appliqué of a retro rocket.
This picture makes it look much larger than it is.
It is only 5x7.
I'm thinking I may have to do a robot series for
my very best bestie's little boy.

We had 2 adorable entries this week.
And they both did bags, how funny is that?!
I guess you gals are seriously ready to travel.

We all know how I feel about functional art and this is perfect.
What a happy, beautiful home for prized possessions while you travel.
And I'm totally jealous of your stay in Alaska.
My hubby and I would love to some serious fishing up there!

I love the black and white motif.
So perfect how they are pulled together by the same lining fabric.
And boy can I relate to taking everything and then some on trips.
Even on an hour commute, if I'm not driving
I drag like 3 different craft projects.
This is a wonderful way to keep your items clean, safe, and beautiful.

Love them both!
Had hoped to have more wanderlust entries this week,
hopefully next week we will meet our 5 entries so I can give some crafty goodness.

Craft Challenge #7
spray paint * wood * fabric
Have at it!
Can't wait to see what you come up with this week..
And be careful with those spray paints during the winter;
even though it's cold be sure to get tons of ventilation!

These would be so fun to paint and make clothes for.
I think I would have to display them up high
or they would end up in Isa's doll collection..

Please leave your links to your creative goodness here by
next Tuesday at midnight (MTN)

Have fun!


Iron Craft #6

This week on Iron Craft, we were challenged with
the theme winter.
Oh boy, here in Utah it is still very much winter.
And by the looks of the national weather report,
a lot of you are still seeing a ton of snow too.

I thought I would do another piece of specimen art.
There is something about it that calls to me.
Maybe it's because my dad is a scientist..
Maybe it's because I grew up near glass cases of delicate butterflies and beetles...
Maybe it's the OCD in me in that delights in the order of it all...
Not sure, but I think it is a fabulous mix of science and art.

And while I love specimen art, I do not delight in dead things.
My snowflakes are done in free motion embroidery.
My first attempt was drawn on with an invisible pen
and I embroidered over it.
Um yeah, my invisible pen was pretty darn visible.
So back to the drawing board.
I love the prim look and had fun trying to create snowflake images.

Monday, February 7, 2011

See Jenny Run

It is amazing.
All my friends here in Utah are moms..that is not the amazing part.
I'd say like 95% of them are runners or amazing athletes.
At almost every play date or on Facebook,
I hear details about their next marathon or competition.

Jenny does not exercise.
Pre marriage and kids, I'd spend hours in the gym..
I'd sometime go 2X's a day - no lie.
But now chasing Isabelle is my main aerobic activity.
It's partly do to lack of time and babysitter,
but it's also just laziness.

I recently decided to try to change that.
It wasn't a resolution or even an effort to lose weight,
I'm just tired of making a butt imprint on my couch.

When I was preggers with Juliette, we took a mini vacation to Park City.
On one of the warm afternoons, we took a bike ride.
I loved it, and I was pretty good at it
even though I was huge and had no center of balance.
So I've decided that bicycling is the exercise I will dive into.

One of my friends told me about
The cool factor is off the charts!!
I have at least 3 friends that want to do this with me.
I'm so excited!
I'm going to be sewing us all coordinating 50's aprons
that are bike riding friendly..
If you are in UT want to join us,
just let me know!

Another friend mentioned the "Dirty Girl"
At first I was hesitant.
Jenny does not run.
Jenny would run if say there were a big bear chasing her
or there was a huge deal on some crafty goodness..
then sure yes I would run.
Other than that, uh no.. it's boring.
But this event sounds like soo much fun!
And for you run-haters like me,
there is a 2 person relay, so you are only looking at 2 miles.

Okay, back to the couch.
All this talk of exercising has exhausted me!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Playbills Turned Art

Please excuse the beyond awful picture.
It was taken on my phone -
my antique phone that does not double as a laptop
cause that's how I roll..
Okay back to topic..

How flippin' awesome is this wall?!?
Last night I had to take care of some mommy milking business at a party,
and spent some time in a good friend's office.
I fell in love!
I love this..
I love going to the theatre, I love playbills,
but they end up stuffed in a drawer and forgotten.
I love the idea of keeping them alive and as art pieces.
It's so simple and so ingenious!

I think if I got to see all the playbills
of all the magic I've seen in the past 3 decades on a regular basis,
I may be an even slightly happier person!

This is soo going on my house project to-do list!
Love it, love it, love it.
Love function turned art.
(and I love it more when it won't break the bank..)


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