Saturday, February 5, 2011

Playbills Turned Art

Please excuse the beyond awful picture.
It was taken on my phone -
my antique phone that does not double as a laptop
cause that's how I roll..
Okay back to topic..

How flippin' awesome is this wall?!?
Last night I had to take care of some mommy milking business at a party,
and spent some time in a good friend's office.
I fell in love!
I love this..
I love going to the theatre, I love playbills,
but they end up stuffed in a drawer and forgotten.
I love the idea of keeping them alive and as art pieces.
It's so simple and so ingenious!

I think if I got to see all the playbills
of all the magic I've seen in the past 3 decades on a regular basis,
I may be an even slightly happier person!

This is soo going on my house project to-do list!
Love it, love it, love it.
Love function turned art.
(and I love it more when it won't break the bank..)


Anonymous said...

Ooh, this is cute! I did something similar with the couple of plays I've been to. I always keep my ticket stubs, so I got those $2 frames that you can squish stuff in and put both the program and my ticket in with a tiny bit of decoration. I went to Romeo and Juliet and used a couple of rose petals. I've also been to Les Mis (my FAV) and Blue Man Group, which doesn't quite count but I loved it, too. :) I have to settle with watching all of my other favs on DVD, which just isn't the same. I wish I could see more of them live. What are your favorites?

Jenny Rodriguez said...

Oh Jen, I love those ideas! I really need to do something with my collection.

My all time favorite is "Wicked", I've seen it twice, and would love to see it in NY. I have a special place in my heart for the green faced witch =D

Anonymous said...

OOooh! I really want to see that one! I grew up in KS, so I have the Wizard of Oz in my DNA. :) My mom gave me the soundtrack, and I think my fav song is "Popular". The storyline as told to me seems so funny, but haven't ever made it through the book for this reason and that. I am very jealous that you have seen it...twice!


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