Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Little Things

One of my favorite blogs, Grosgrain Fabulous
has been doing a feature on some of the large must- haves as a DIY'er.
I have agreed I think with each one.
I think some of the littlest things can make or break your final project.

1. Buy *GOOD* thread.
Why are you buying $10/yard fabric and sewing on a fancy machine
if you buy crap thread?
It is honestly what keeps sewn projects together.
So please, buy good thread.

My machine adores Sulky. It really skunks up when I buy cheap stuff..

*P.S. Thread does go does, I swear!
Please toss the old thread too..

2. Learn how to correctly wield your glue gun.
The glue gun is a fabulous invention,
but there are some preferred ways of using it.

Also, it makes such a difference if you go back and clean up
the dreaded glue gun strings.

I'll be back with more next week..

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