Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eccentric Elf to Swine Lake

I can't pass up a good deal.
And I can't pass up a good crafty challenge.
So when Christmas was over and Target put this on clearance

I instantly remembered how Isabelle was in desperate need of a piggy bank!
One of her grandmothers likes to give her cash
and for awhile now it's been getting stashed in random places.

I bought it with the intention to paint it and give it to her as a birthday gift.
Because seriously this picture is too kind.
The pig looks like it fell into toxic waste..
(My apologies to those that bought it at full cost and love it..)

It's been waiting for me in a very long line of projects that I may get to.
Then CSI 's week's challenge was honeysuckle.
And sure, I did Julie's WHOLE nursery in honeysuckle,
but I HAD to make something new of course..

So here is Ecentric Elf transformed into Swine Lake


It's a little 80's Madonna-ish,
but Isabelle will howl over it.
And that is all that matters, right?



Anonymous said...

Swine Lake! Hehehe! VERY cute! A definite upgrade from the green.

Jenny Rodriguez said...

Wasn't that green awful - yuck!

Isabelle think it's the best princess


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