Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Iron Craft #5

This week on Iron Craft, we were to do a Valentine.
Since last week my Valentine was dedicated to my girls,
this week I made one for the love of my life - my hubs.
The man I love, the way a fat kid loves cake.
I'm not sure where I first heard the saying, but I *love* it.
And since for part of my childhood I was chubster,
I feel entitled to be able to say it without feeling like it is offense.
((That's my way of saying, I hope it doesn't offend you))

For this project I did free form cross-stitch.
Cross-stitch was probably my first needle craft when I was a youngster.
There is a lot of satisfaction and it's not technically difficult.
Unfortunately I look at it now and think it is so antiquated.
And I'm not a fan of subversive cross-stitch.
Odd, huh?
I would think subversive + crafty = right up my alley.
But it's not.. I typically find it crude.
I figured there HAS to be something in the middle.
Something between a bunny dressed as a bear and embroidered cuss words.
This is what I came up with!

I drew the words with a transfer pen - trying to emulate a child's writing.
I then dove in with my needle.
I had to make 1 change while stitching without a plan.

Lucky me I had some fabulous cupcake fabric in my stash.
I love food fabric, but rarely can come up with a good project.
I adore my little cake and fork on this mini quilt.

It's rare that I can think of a craft that my hubby will like.
He likes beer, hunting, and his girls (us..not some random girls..anyways..)
I know he will like this =D
And I hope you do too..

So go buy or stash hunt for some good ol' cross-stitch fabric,
and try it out without a pattern!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is so cute!! What a great idea! I guess I have never thought outside of the box in terms of cross stitching. I probably would have searched and searched for a pattern. How silly of me. What a great idea to write on it ahead of time! VERY cute!

Sounds like our hubbys are similar. Mine loves hunting, fishing, fixing cars, drinking, football... He is impossible to shop for or make things for. Thank goodness for our little girl; now I can have her help make something and he's sure to love it! :)


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