Thursday, March 10, 2011

Easter Subway Art - Freebie Coming!

My Pazzle has been dusty.
Since I closed my bakery, I haven't had a need to use it much.
And I've been eying my Mum's Silhouette.
I love the Silhouette graphics and have been bitter I can't convert & use them.
I know I could spend more time figuring out my Pazzle,
but when the girls give me 20 minutes here and there,
it is hard to imagine studying anything..

This past week, my Mum & I visited
a local craft store and found a fabulous idea!
They had a DIY St. Patrick's Day Subway Vinyl Art.
It was fabulous!
All you had to do was paint a wood square
and rub-on the vinyl..
voila, instant holiday decor!

Alas, there was no Easter one
The impatient DIY'ers we are..I decided to make our own.
I love Subway art, but have never made one.

I broke out my dusty Pazzle and decided to take some time to
rekindle the love..
I created the image in Photoshop.
Simple enough - just lay out words in different fonts & sizes.
Since this was my first time, I laid out the words too far apart.
But even this had an easy fix!

I imported the JPEG into my Pazzle software.
It cut out my vinyl with ease!
I weeded the excess and covered it with the transfer tape.
I cut out the individual words so I could place them closer together.

Instead of transferring to a wood piece, I painted a square canvas instead.
The vinyl goes on just as easy and I like the texture of canvas better.

As you can see from my picture,
when I placed the words closer together I created a lot of negative space.
I'm going to measure those areas and cut out more words to fill in.

Once I have it completed, I will upload my JPEG for you to use!
It won't look exactly like mine,
but it will be a great start to a pretty easy and lovely Easter decoration.
I should have the freebie up by Sunday night -
so come on back!

I will have a less Religious, more Bunny focused piece
in the shop later this week as well..

Bubbly Nature

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