Sunday, March 27, 2011

Final Project For Project Quilting

My mini art quilt is a 18" square.

My final piece for Project Quilting was inspired by the devastation in Japan. Sadly in addition to the immediate loss of loved ones and homes, there is also the loss of historical artifacts and destruction to sacred land. My quilt is about Japan piecing their lives and history back together.

My required large print is a traditional Japanese scene of young women with umbrellas. I cut the print up and removed a few pieces. They were fused on to a striped fabric - the striped fabric included shades orange brown for land and blue for water. I also add irregular shaped pieces of additional orange brown and blue fabric to symbolize the earthquake and tsunami.

The piece was then quilted in numerous horizontal lines. These quilted lines helped create a cohesive look, bringing the pieces of the original print back together. When you stand back from the quilt, it is not immediately obvious that the fabric was cut. It is only when you get closer that you notice the cracks and separations.

It was bound in the same deep blue to symbolize the water surrounding Japan.


Kathleen said...

I love this piece. It's beutiful on it's own and then the story and symbolism adds so much more.

Jenny Rodriguez said...

Thanks Kathleen!! And I so love yours!! The color combo is perfect..


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