You will at some point notice that my eldest daughter has a special left hand. It is called Symbrachydactyly. It is a congential limb difference. Basically around the 6th week she was in utero the blood did not move normally to her left hand. She has a full thumb, partial index and pinkie, and the the other two are "nubbins". We did not know about this until her delivery. We were scared, sad, and confused. 

She is now 5, and we rarely think about it. She is the most intelligent (and sometimes bossy) toddler. While she is aware she has a special hand (much like Nemo's special little fin), it isn't something that holds her back. She colors with both hands, can change her clothes, and do anything else you can imagine. When she turns 6, Kiddo will begin both archery and guitar lessons! We has seen a hand surgeon and at this time there are no plans to operate since her functional use is awesome.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask. We are very open about it.
If you have found my blog because your child has symbrachydactyly, feel free to email me. Try not to worry about all the things you think your child will have trouble doing because they will only spend their life proving you wrong! You have a right to grieve, but then let it go. Your world has only become more beautiful. You will change your definition of normal. Your child will only amaze you - enjoy them!

Here are some resources for you to peruse:

Basic information from Boston's Children's Hospital

An article on web deepening

Limb Differences - an organization for families and friends 

Sammy's Friends - a Facebook group for families and friends


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