Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mother's Day Gift

I've been wanting to reveal my Mother's Day gift that I made. I love it so much and was so happy to see my Mum loved it too!

Of course, back to my love of free motion art..

When I think of my Mom, I think of classic colors - red, black, and white.
Timeless and classy..
I can't wait to see this in my Mum's home!
I do have to admit that is not my lovely idea.. it was Jenny Doh's. You must go see her original piece. I loved it the second I saw it and knew immediately that I wanted to make my own version for my Mum.

It is funny that I when I got really into free motion art that I thought I was being original, come to find out..not so much =) That ever happen to you? Anyways once I learned that I was not exactly an innovator, I started researching more artists that were interested in this freestyle sewing. That is how I found Jenny Doh. She is zomg amazing. The more I learn about her and see her art pieces, the more I wish I could convince her that she really should move to Utah and be my very best friend. Until then, reading her blog will have to do..

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Daiane Cascini said...

Adorei! o quadrinho.
beijos mil

Jenny Doh said...

It's beautiful!
Jenny :)

Kathleen said...

Jennifer, it's beautiful!

Kelly @ Run With Glitter said...

Very beautiful! I'd love it if you linked up to the Glitter party!

Chinnu said...

This is gorgeous!! Can't wait to try it. Mine will probably be a fabric painted, hand sewed and some mixed media version of it. Hope you don't mind me borrowing the idea!


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